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Central African Republic is landlocked by Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon and Republic of Congo. The capital of the country is Bangui. Adamawa-Eastern people came to Central African Republic between 1000BC and 1000AD from Cameroon. Bantu speaking people and Sudanic speaking people came to the country during same period. CAR became French colony in 1900 and the country became semi-autonomous territory in the year 1958. In the year 1960, the Central African Republic got independence from France. CAR is one among the poorest countries of the world and ranked as one of the ten poorest countries of Africa.


Central African Republic is a presidential republic in which President is the head of the state as well as the government. Government is controlling the executive power of the country and the legislative power is controlled by both parliament and government. Prime Minister is appointed by the President of the country. Supreme Court is the highest court of the country and the judges of Supreme Court are appointed by president. The economy of the country mainly depends on cultivation and by selling food crops like millet, plantain, peanuts, maize, sesame and sorghum.


The total population of the country is 4,422,000 and the population is distributed among more than eighty ethnic groups. Some of the major ethnicities are Banda, Baya, Mandjia, Sara, Mboum, M’Baka, Fulani and Yakoma. Remaining consist of other ethnic groups and Europeans. About 80% of the population is Christians and 5% constitute indigenous beliefs. Islam is the religion practiced by 15% of the population. The official languages of the country are French and Sango. Several tribal languages are also spoken throughout the country.


The major tourist attractions of Central African Republic are fishing, hunting, wild animals and waterfalls. Bangui is declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Boganda Museum of Bangui displays things that have historical importance and you can also find the fantastic musical instruments collection. Place de la Republique is monument built in memory of the dethroning of Jean-Bedel Bokassa who was a dictator, power monger and corrupt individual. Central Market of Bangui is famous for jewelry and African dresses. Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park is a major attraction of CAR and the park offers wild animals such as snakes, elephants, buffaloes, black rhinos, tiger and other reptiles as well as animals.


The ancient cemetery of Bouar is 1000 years old and people are visiting to this place to pay homage. The most famous waterfall is the Boali waterfall of Boali village. Kembe Fall is another enchanting waterfall located near River Kotto. Another favorite attraction of the tourist is the wooden houses alongside the Zinga River.  Bayanga is a town situated on the banks of Sangha River with its bamboo houses and scenic beauty is worth visiting. Oubangui River offers beautiful landscape for the tourists.  The virgin rain forests and wild animals of Dzanga-Sangha Reserve are worth seeing. Other attractions of Central African Republic are Presidential Palace, Bokassa Palace, Bokassa Triumphal Arch, Ubangi River and Notre-Dame Cathedral.