Republic of the Congo also called as Congo, Little Congo and Congo-Brazzaville is situated in Central Africa. The country is bordered by Gabon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gulf of Guinea and Angolan exclave. Pygmy people were the earliest inhabitants of Congo and they were replaced by Bantu speaking people. European came to the region at the end of 15th century. European traders and Bantu kingdoms traded various goods and slaves between them. French colonized the region in 1880s and Brazzavile was chosen as federal capital of the colony. In the year 1960, the country got independence from France.


Congo has an authoritarian regime ruled by Denis Sassou Nguesso. Congo is a presidential republic in which President is the head of the state and government. The country has a multi-party system. Executive power is vested on the government and legislative power is exercised by both by parliament and government. Till the civil war of 1997, the country was following the French government system. After obtaining power, Denis Sassou Nguesso dissolved the constitution and new constitution was amended with seven-year term for the president. The economy of Congo mainly depends on handicrafts and agriculture. The industrial sector is mainly dependent on petroleum.


The total population of Congo is 3,686,000 and 70% of the people in the country living in urban areas. Congo is an urbanized country. The ethnic groups in Congo are Kongo, Sangha, MBochi, Teke, Europeans and others. About 50% of the population is Catholics and 40% is Protestant. Other religious beliefs of Congo are Animism, Islam, Baha’i and others. The official language of the country is French. The recognized regional languages of the country are Kituba/Kongo and Lingala. Many other local languages and dialects are spoken widely among the people of Congo.


Variety of tourist destinations is there in Congo for the tourists such as historical buildings, museums and national parks. Pointe-Noire is famous for beautiful beaches which are unspoilt, untouched and less populated. Pointe-Noire has an evening market which vibrant and busy. Gorges of Diosso are an excellent sightseeing place where you can find spectacular cliffs. Upemba National Park is a great place where you can see several bird species, hippos and crocodiles. Another famous national park is Garamba National Park which consists of 990,000 acres of land and several wild animals such as elephants, lions, giraffes, leopards and rhinos. Virungu National Park famous for mountain gorillas is located across two mountains.


Congo is famous for freshwater lakes and rivers. Lake Albert and Lake Edward are the famous ones. Kouillou River and Congo River are famous for waterskiing activity. Trou de Dieu, Loufoulakari Falls and Congo River Rapids offer splendid natural beauty to the tourists. Some of the architectural buildings that can impress the tourists are Basilique St. Anne, National Museum, Brazzaville Basilica and Temple Mosque. Moungali and Oluendze of Brazzaville are the famous markets worth visiting in Congo. Cite du Dique is a golf course where you can enjoy playing golf. The Butterflies valley is a great place for nature enthusiasts.