Reunion situated in Indian Ocean is a French Island. The nearest island of Reunion is Mauritius. The island is the overseas department of France which forms an integral part of the France. As the island is the integral part of France, it is also the part of Eurozone or European Union. The island was formerly known as Dina Morgabin by Arab sailors and Swahili. The island was uninhabited in the 1635, when Portuguese visited the island and Portuguese named the island as Saint Apollonia. France occupied the island and officially claimed the island in the year 1642. The island became the colony of French 1665.


In the year 1793, the island was named as Reunion. The island became overseas department of French in the year 1946. The capital of the island is Saint Denis. The constitution of the island is the French constitution of 1958. Head of the island is President of France represented by Prefect. Head of the government is the president of General Council. Legislative power is vested on unicameral General Council. Three representatives are elected from the island to French Senate and five representatives to National Assembly. Judicial branch is the Court of Appeals. The economy mainly depends on tourism and sugar export.


The total population of Reunion is 827,000 and the major ethnic groups of the island European, Indians, Chinese, African and Malagasy.  One quarter of the total population is Europeans and another one quarter consists of Indians. Major religion of the island is Roman Catholicism and other religions followed by the people of Reunion are Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. The official language of Reunion is French and another major language is Reunion Creole. In certain schools, Tamil is an optional language and Arabic is spoken and taught among Muslims. Other languages spoken are Cantonese, Hakka and Mandarin.


Reunion is the most exciting island in the world with ocean, beaches, volcanoes, snow-capped mountains, lush plains, rivers and huge forests. The peak tourist season is between late June and early September.  Piton de Fournaise is an active volcano that can be visited after reaching the Bourg-Murat village. Piton des Neiges is the highest point of the island where you can find deep canyons and lava cliffs. St. Denis, the capital of Reunion offers interesting architecture and interesting tourist spots such as beautiful gardens and art galleries.


The three cirques of the island offer the tourists a spectacular view of the water falls. Saint Gilles offer the tourists with white sandy beaches. Takamaka is a place that offers excellent landscape with overflowing vegetation, deep gullies and steep peaks. The Plaine-des-Sables offers an astonishing landscape of volcanic sand with color ranges from red to black with orange hues. The island also promotes ecotourism. You can also discover Creole houses, the beautiful Tamoul temples and mosque in Lelclerc Marshal Street, historical building of colonial era and Buddhist pagodas. Promenade of barachois is also a great tourist destination of the island. Enjoy paragliding at Saint Leu and the resort town of Boucan Canot.