Brunei is located in Southeast Asia and the country is surrounded by Sarawak, Malaysia and South China Sea. Brunei is situated entirely on Borneo Island and remaining part consists of Indonesia and Malaysia. The evidence of human settlements traced from 7th century and was under the rule of Srivijayan Empire. Later, the country became the vassal state of Majapahit and the country has converted to an Islamic country during 15th century. From 15th -17th centuries, the Sultanate of Brunei was powerful by extending the power from North Borneo to South of Philippines. Bruneian Empire was declined during 19th century because of the territory loss to White Rajahs from Sarawak.


During 1888-1984, the country became a British protectorate and Japan occupied the country from 1941-1945 at the time of World War II. Now, Brunei is a Sultanate following constitution base on English law, but in some cases Shariah law is used. Head of the state is the Sultan of Brunei who has the full executive power which includes emergency powers also. Brunei has a wealthy economy with a combination of domestic and foreign entrepreneurship, welfare measure and village tradition and government regulation. About 50% of the GDP depends on natural gas and crude oil.


Brunei population is about 400,000 and among them, 75% of the people are living in urban areas. Brunei Melayu is the official language of the country which is a kind of Malay language. Other spoken languages of Brunei are Chinese, English, Bahasa rojak, Kedayan, Murut, Tutong, Iban and Dusun. About 66.3% of the population is Malays, 11.2% is Chinese, 3.4% are indigenous people and others consist of 19.1%. Brunei’s official religion is Islam and head of the religion is the Sultan of Brunei. Islam is followed by two-third of the total population of Brunei. Other religions followed by the people are Christianity and Buddhism.


The tiny Sultanate consists of various must-see tourist destinations. Bandar Seri Begawan is the capital of Brunei which only the size of a town. The capital is clean, modern and neat with beautiful public buildings. Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque is a modern mosque with huge golden-dome built on an artificial lagoon. It is a luxurious mosque with walls made of Italian marble, elevator and plush carpets. Brunei also has pristine palm-lined beaches with blue waters. The capital of Brunei has several tourist spots such as House of Twelve Roofs, Brunei Museum, Kampung Ayer, Malay Technology Museum, Isatana Nurul Iman, Kota Batu, Yayasan Sultan Hj Hassanal Bolkiah commercial complex, Royal regalia Building and many more.


Brunei has uninhabited rainforest located mostly in Temburon District and because of the presence of the rainforest, the district is called as ‘Green Jewel’ of Brunei. Jerudong Park is another major attraction with croquet facilities, trapshooting, golf course, polo stadium and stables. You can also enjoy a huge amusement park with fantastic rides here. Jerudong Beach will provide you with a spectacular view of South China Sea.  Plenty of macaques and proboscis monkeys can be seen in Pulau Ranggu. Pantai Seri Kenangan is a beautiful beach where the tourists can enjoy camping and picnics. Another major attraction is the Peradayan Forest Reserve which consists of tree shrews, mouse deer and moon rats. Wasai Kandal is a forest where you can find pools and waterfalls.