Georgia is situated in Eurasia between Western Asia and Eastern Europe. The nation is bordered by Black Sea, Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The first inhabitants of Georgia are Homo erectus of Paleolithic age. Georgian states of Colchis, Sper and Iberia came in to being in 8th BC, 7th BC and 6th BC respectively. In 4th BC, a unified kingdom was established with one king. Georgian kingdoms were conquered by the Roman Empire and these kingdoms were the allies and states of Romans for about 400 years. The country adopted Christianity in 4th century. The country was politically and economically strong, when the power was in the hands of King David and Queen Tamar in 11th century and 12th century respectively.


Russian Empire annexed Georgia in 19th century and got independence in 1918. The landscape of the country is varies that ranges from swamps, low-land marsh forests, snows, glaciers, semi-arid plains as well as temperate rain forests. The country is democratic semi-presidential republic in which President is the head of the state and head of the government is Prime Minister. The executive power of the country is vested on the President and Cabinet. Legislative power of Georgia is controlled by the Parliament which consists of 150 members.


The country has a fast growing economy, but has high rate of unemployment with low median income when compared to other European countries. The economy of Georgia mainly depends on gas, oil, machinery, transport equipment and tourism. The population of Georgia is 4,661, 473 and 83.8% of the population consists of ethnic Georgians. Other ethnic groups are Russians, Armenians, Azeris, Ossetians and Abkhazians. Many smaller ethnic groups are there in the country. Georgian and Abkhaz are the official languages of the country and other languages spoken are Armenian, Azeri, Russian and others.


Majority of Georgians are Eastern Orthodox Christianity and other religious minorities are Roman Catholic, Armenian Apostolic and Muslims. Tourists can enjoy literary tours, sightseeing tours and excellent historical sites. Appalachian Mountains are the major attraction in Georgia which has plenty of activities like sightseeing, biking and hiking. Chattanooga National Military Park in Georgia is a historical site of Civil War battles and the tourists can see the reenactments of the civil war battle in this park. Blue Ridge Mountain is a sightseeing place with unique natural beauty. Savannah is a popular tourist destination of the country with tours to antebellum homes, historical sites, shopping and restaurants.


Stone Mountain Park and Georgia Aquarium are the perfect places for family vacations. You can also enjoy the Georgia trip by going to fishing charter trips. The sixth Cavalry Museum at Fort Oglethorpe is conserving the rich history of military.  Fort Pulaski National monument consists of military history. Fernbank Museum of Natural History is a mystical world of cultural and natural history of Georgia and Atlanta dinosaurs. You can also visit Zoo Atlanta, Okeefenokee Swamp, Six Flags Theme Park and Hay House. Other popular attractions of Georgia are Cathedral of Christ the King, Clayton Springs Farms and Margaret Mitchell House and Museum.