Philippines is located in Southeast Asia in Western Pacific Ocean and country is situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire. The neighboring countries of Philippines are Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia. The capital city of Philippines is Manila. The evidences of human remains in Philippines are dated back to 24,000 years. Spanish colonization began in Philippines after the arrival of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, a Spanish explorer in the year 1565. After Spanish-American War, Philippine independence from Spain is declared in 1898. According to the Treaty of Paris, Spain surrendered Philippines to United States and for this reason, Philippine-American War started which ended the control of America on the archipelago. In 1946, the country got independence from United States.


Philippines is a unitary presidential constitutional republic and President is the head of the government as well as the head of the state. President is also the commander-in-chief of the Philippines armed forces. The bicameral Congress consists of the upper house and lower house. The judicial power is held by the Supreme Court. The country is the 46th largest economy of the world. About 46.5% of the workers are in services sector, 13.7% of the workers are in industrial sector and 32% of the workforce is in agricultural sector.


The population of the nation is more than 92 million and around 11 million people are living outside Philippines. About 28.1% of the population is Tagalog and other ethnic groups are Cebuano, llocano, Bisaya, Hiligaynon, Bikol, Waray and others. There are 175 languages in the country of which 171 are living languages. English and Filipino are the official languages. Filipino is the version of Tagalog and other languages spoken are Cebuano, llocano, Hiligaynon, Kapampangan, Tagalog, Waray-Waray and Pangasino and so on. Majority of the Filipinos are Christians that constitute about 90% of the total population. Other religions are Islam and Philippine traditional religions.


Being an archipelago, it is obvious that the tourists can enjoy the warmth of the beaches throughout the country. The country boasts with diverse and rich marine life. Boracay Island is a great swimming destination where you can find great beaches suitable for swimming, fishing, sunbathing and sailing. The beaches are lined up with coconut trees and in this island tourists can enjoy innumerable number of coves. The Siargao Island has many sandy beaches famous for surfing. Samal Island is worth visiting as it has white sandy beaches, coral reefs, rock formations, rolling hills and thick mangroves.


Another loveliest island of Philippines is the Bohol where you can find beaches, rolling hills, plateaus, ancestral homes and crystal springs. There are several isles in Bohol such as Pamilacan, Jao, Panglao, Mahanay, Lapinin and Cabilao which are famous for their diving spots. The resort village Anilao is a summer mecca for the diving enthusiasts. Anilao offers diving facilities and accommodations to the visitors. Puerto Galera is another beach resort where you can enjoy the beaches, coral reefs, coves and snorkeling. Hundred Islands is also popular as the tourist can rent an island for a day to have a private beach. Pagsanjan Falls is also a famous destination of Philippines.