Russia is also known as the Russian Federation is situated in north Eurasia. Russia is bordered by Finland, Estonia, Norway, Lithuania, Poland and Latvia. Other countries bordering Russia are China, North Korea, Mongolia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Russia also shares maritime borders with Japan and United States. Russia covers over a ninth of total land area of earth making it as the largest country of the world. Russia has 9 time zones and different environments as the country extends to the whole north Asia and 40% to the Europe. Russia has the largest forest reserves of the world and one-fourth of freshwater in the world is found in the lakes of Russia.


Russia’s constitution says that the nation is a semi-presidential republic and federation. Head of the state is the President and head of the government is the Prime Minister. The executive power is vested on the President and the legislative power is on the bicameral Federal Assembly.  Russia depends on market economy with large number of natural resources such as natural gas and oil. Russia is in the 10th position among the largest economies in the world and 6th largest in terms of purchasing power parity.


The population of Russia is 141,927,297 as of 2010 and about 79.8% of the population constitutes Ethnic Russians. Seventy three percent of people are urbanized and 27% are rural people. Russia has about 100 languages spoken by 160 different ethnic groups. Russian language is spoken by 142.6 million people, 5.3 million people speak Tatar and 1.8 million speak Ukrainian. The traditional religions of Russia are Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam. Tourism is a popular industry of Russia even during the late period of Soviet. Russia is one of the frequented countries of the world. The most frequented destinations of Russia are Saint Petersburg and Moscow, the former and current capitals of Russia.


Russia has twenty three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many more in the tentative lists of UNESCO. Red Square is a place where military parades and executions were taken place. Red Square is situated in Moscow and the place is encircled by Kremlin Wall, Lenin’s Tomb and GUM (Russia’s largest shopping complex). Red Square is UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Moscow Kremlin is UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in the center of capital city. Moscow Kremlin, a fortified complex has historical value. St. Basil’s Cathedral is the Russian Orthodox Cathedral constructed on Red square.


Summer Palace situated in Saint Petersburg is famous for the Baroque architecture constructed for Great Tsar Peter. The State Russian Museum is situated at the premises of Mikhailovski Palace of Saint Petersburg. The museum displays various artifacts and artworks which are historically important to the country. The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is located in Saint Petersburg is displaying the Baroque and Neoclassical architecture. The Tretyakov Gallery of Moscow displays statue of Peter, the Great and sculptures of Socialist Realism. State Hermitage Museum of Russia is one among oldest museums of the world. The museum displays sculptures, painting, prehistoric artifacts, German and French art and Egyptian antiquities. Bolshoi Theater is another popular tourist spot in Russia.