Caribbean islands, Caribbean Sea and surrounding coasts together consist of the Caribbean. Caribbean is located towards north of South America, east of Central-America and southeast of Gulf of Mexico.  Caribbean consists of over 7,000 islands, reefs, cays and islets. All these islands are known as the West Indies and the name West Indies is derived from Columbus who landed here in 1492 thinking that he had landed in Indies.  Caribbean islands consist of excellent biodiversity and 8% of the coral reefs in the world are found in Caribbean. Majority of the human populations are Africans along with European people and mixed race. European people are of English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Dutch ancestry. Asians are also there in this region with Indian and Chinese ancestry forming a minority.


Caribbean Islands lure tourists from all over the globe with its sunny beaches, soft breezes, cruises, resorts and several adventurous water sports. You will definitely become speechless when you see the white sandy beaches with palm trees on the shore and turquoise waters of the island.  Caribbean Islands is the home of several species of turtles and fishes. You can see the most amazing forms of coral reefs.  Caribbean Islands is an excellent holiday destination for everyone as it welcomes you with wonderful sceneries, excellent facilities and natural beauty. You can enjoy adventurous sports such as snorkeling, surfing, windsurfing, swimming with dolphins and scuba diving on the beaches of Caribbean Islands.


St. Lucia is famous for the beautiful scenery and beaches. St. Lucia is chosen by a number of travelers who want to spend their time in a peaceful and calm place. A wide range of family resorts are available here to enjoy family vacation. Jamaica is the best place for family vacation with its beautiful beaches and fun-filled resorts for family. You can also find coves, waterfalls, cliff jumping activity and mountains here to experience. Cuba is unique in its history and Afro-Latin culture in the Caribbean. This is the largest island in Caribbean and the tourists can enjoy walking through the streets, cigar plant and beaches.


Cayman Islands comprises of three small islands such as Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman and Little Cayman which are popular for the undersea adventures like diving, snorkeling as well as swimming with stingrays. Bahamas islands consist of mountain plateaus and deep sea animals. The marine waters in Bahamas are suitable for deep sea diving, sports fishing, underwater park stroll and snorkeling. The island is known for its marine fishes and coral reefs. US Virgin Islands offer adventures in water with its coves and countless bays. The major activity here is the ship cruising.  Cinnamon Bay and Cruz Bay are some of the tourist spots here.


Barbados Island has the highest standards of living among the Caribbean islands. You can go for a hiking trail at St. Lawrence Gap and windsurfing at the beaches. Barbados is the land of luxurious resorts, sugar fields, rich history, coral, sea breezes and gardens. Anguilla has over 30 beaches with scenic surrounding and clear water. You can find a range of world class hotels, restaurants, spas and beach resorts. Enjoy adventurous water sports at Shoal Bay Beach, Kataouche Beach. Four major islands such as Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada and Tortola together consist of British Virgin Islands. The place is considered as one of the top five diving destinations in the world. You can also find prettiest fishes and century old shipwrecks under the sea here.

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