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Antigua and Barbuda is also known as the "Land of 365 beaches" because the island is surrounded by several beaches. Antigua and Barbuda is located between Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea which consists of two major islands and several smaller islands such as Guinea, Maiden, York Islands, Green, Great Bird and Long.  The country is influenced by the British in language, culture and governance as the nation was the colony of Britain. The first inhabitants of the islands were Amerindians. The island became independent in the year 1981.


The island is parliamentary, federal, representative democratic monarchy. The head of the Island is Monarch and Elizabeth II is the Queen of the country since the independence. The government has the executive power and the legislative power is on the government as well as on the Parliament. The economy of the country depends mostly on tourism. Financial services and investment banking also plays a crucial role in the economy. The population of Antigua and Barbuda is only 85,632 which consist of British, West African and Portuguese descendants. Among the population, 91% is black, 4.4% is mixed race and 1.7% of Whites and 2.9% consist of other origins such as Asian and East Indian.


The predominant religion of the country is Christianity. Among the people, 74% are of Christians and 44% of them are of Anglican denomination. Other Christians in the country are Presbyterians, Catholics and Baptist. Other religions found in Antigua and Barbuda are Islam, Bahai, Judaism and Rastafari Movement. The official language of the country is English but Antiguan Creole is the spoken language of majority of the natives. Both Barbudan and Antiguan accents slightly differ from each other. You can find numerous activities, historical landmarks and tourist attractions in the island.


Some of the historical sites are Betty’s Hope Sugar Plantation, Fort James, Nelson’s Dockyard and Shirley Heights. Museums and galleries with artistic and historical interest are also worth seeing in these islands. You can find artifacts of different periods in these museums and galleries. Another place worth visiting in Antigua and Barbuda is the Seaview Village from where you can purchase pottery and understand the evolution of pottery. Frigate Bird Sanctuary is another place to visit which is located in Barbuda and by boat only you can reach the sanctuary. You can see birds of over 170 species and also Frigate bird which can spread its wings to 4-5 feet.


St.John’s is one among the popular tourist spots of Antigua and Barbuda. It is the capital of Antigua famous for its architectural marvels. The scenic beauty of the St. John’s is luring more and more people. The city is famous for hotels, restaurants, shopping and bars. The tourists also can enjoy the innumerable number of beaches with palm trees and white sand. You can find numerous beach resorts in Antigua and Barbuda which offers wide range of water sports such as scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, sail-boating, snorkeling and water-skiing. Enjoy the trip to Antigua and Barbuda with your friends and family.