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British Virgin Islands is situated in Caribbean which is a part of an archipelago and the rest of the islands are coming under US Virgin Islands. British Virgin Islands constitute of four main islands and more than fifty smaller islands as well as cays. Among the islands, fifteen of them are inhabited and the four main islands are Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, Virgin Gorda and Tortola. Road Town is the capital of British Virgin Islands which is located on the island Tortola, the biggest island among all. The first inhabitants of Virgin Islands were Arawaks and these settlers were displaced by Caribs.


Majority of the islands are volcanic with rugged and hilly terrain but Anegada is different from other because of the flat land made up of corals and limestone. The Queen is the executive authority of British Virgin Islands which is exercised by the Governor on behalf of the queen. Queen appoints the Governor by taking the advice of British Government. United Kingdom is responsible for the foreign affairs and defense. Premier is the head of the government. The economy of British Virgin Islands is mainly depends up on financial services and tourism. Among the two, tourism is more important as it produce 45% of the income.


The population is just more than 20,000 and among the people, 83% are Afro-Caribbean, descendants of slaves brought by the British to the islands.  Other people are of European and British origin. Majority of the population are protestant Christians which comes about 86% and 1.2% of the population are Muslims. English is the major language with an accent of quick Creole. British Virgin Islands are the famous tourist destination for the sun worshippers, independent travelers, fishermen and sailors. Natural beauty of the islands is gorgeous with its beaches, coral reefs and scenic villages.


Buck Island is one among the popular destination in Virgin Islands. Buck Island is surrounded by coral reefs and you can find a beautiful beach, coral garden and two snorkeling trails. Virgin Islands National Park is spread out in 7,000 acres of St. John Island with underwater sites. Cruz Bay Visitors Center provides cultural, geographical and cultural displays as well as maps, guidebooks and other details. Trunk Bay Beach and Annaberg ruins of St. John Island are the other popular destinations. Cinnamon Bay is a favorite camping spot of St. John region with raised tents, cottages and bare campsites.


In Anegada, you can enjoy budding cacti, mammoth rock iguanas, salt ponds with flamingos and snorkeling or diving on the shipwrecks. Norman Island consists of caves, Virgin Gorda and sea-shanties. Some of the water sports activities you can enjoy at British Virgin Islands are fishing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, sailing, surfing and wind surfing. The islands are popular for the nightlife which includes bars, hotels and restaurants. Shopping at the islands can also be enjoyed with numerous stores, jewelry shops and supermarkets. Some of the amazing beaches at Tortola are Cane Garden Bay, Elizabeth Beach, Smuggler’s Cove, Nanny Cay and Apple Bay. North Shore Shell Museums situated at Carrot Bay are worth visiting.