Cayman Islands are a group of islands situated in Caribbean Sea which consist of 3 islands Cayman Brac, Little Cayman and Grand Cayman. The islands are located northwest to the Jamaican and south to Cuba. Christopher Columbus found Cayman Island and named these islands as Las Tortugas because of the several sea turtles seen here. The first known permanent settler of these islands is Isaac Bodden who was born at Grand Cayman. In 1670, according to the 'Treaty of Madrid', Cayman Islands came under the control of England. Cayman Islands are listed as the non-self governing territories by UN Special Committee.


To represent the monarch, the British Government will appoint a Governor who has the executive authority of the islands. Premier is the head of the government. Cabinet of the islands consist of 5 elected members and 2 official members are known as the ministers. Attorney General and Deputy Governor are the official members. The total population of Cayman Islands is only 52,000 according to the census report of 2006. Among the people, 60% are mixed race and majority is mixed Afro-European and the remaining 40% consist of half with African descendants and half with European descendant.


Most of the people are residing at Grand Cayman which is followed respectively by Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The people of Cayman Island enjoy high living standards and the islands are the 14th highest in terms of GDP all around the world. The primary source of income is the indirect taxation. Some of the sectors that help in the economy are tourism, insurance, banking, finance, construction and mutual funds.  George Town is the capital of Cayman Islands. Predominant religion of the islands is Christianity and official language is English.


Several tourist destinations are there to enjoy in Cayman Islands. Tourists also can enjoy surfing, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Swimming with stingrays at Stingray City is a popular past time in the islands. Seven Mile Beach at Grand Cayman is a popular destination where you can enjoy water sports and turquoise blue waters. At George Town, you can go to the Nation Museum where you can learn about the nautical history. You can understand more about the marine related things from Cayman Maritime Treasure Museum. Another place which is worth seeing is the Queen Elizabeth II Botanical Park. Tourists can enjoy the rocky cliffs, caves and dozens of ship wrecks at Cayman Brac.


Cayman Turtle farm houses green sea turtle which is the endangered species situated at Boatswain’s Beach. Tourists can see several turtles, learn about the hatching process and touch the baby turtles at the farm. National Gallery of Cayman Islands displays huge collections of sculptures and paintings of local artists. Pedro St. James National Historic Site is another popular tourist spot where you can see various displays of historical significance. Other popular attractions are Bloody Bay Wall, Rum Point, Cayman Craft Market and Christopher Columbus Gardens. Some of the caves worth seeing are Pirates’ Caves, Great Cave, Peter’s Cave, Rebecca’s Cave and Skull Cave.