Cuba is a country situated in Caribbean and Cuba's main island is the 'Isla de la Juventud'. The capital of the country is Havana which also the largest city of Cuba and second biggest city is the Santiago de Cuba. Cuba is surrounded by Bahamas, United States, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Mexico. The first inhabitants of Cuba are Native American people who are also known as Arawak or Taino. Cuba was under the control of Spain and gain independence from Spain in 1868. Cuba became a republic in 1902 from United States. Cuba was the socialist republic according to the constitution of 1976 which was replaced with the 1992 constitution.


Cuba is now guided by the ideas of Lenin, Engels, Marx and Jose Marti. According to the constitution, communist party is the ‘leading force of society and state’ and the secretary of the Communist Party is both President of Cuba and President of Council of Ministers who is also known as the Prime Minister of Cuba at the same time. Cuba is divided into 15 provinces and a special municipality which is Isla de la Juventud.  Cuba has a planned economy supervised by government of Cuba.


The major industries of Cuba are tobacco, petroleum, construction, sugar, nickel, cement, steel, pharmaceuticals and agricultural machinery. The population of Cuba reached more than 11 million and became the most populous country in Caribbean. Cuba’s population consists of complex origins because of the intermarriage between different groups. Spanish is the official language of the Cuba and other languages spoken in Cuba are Lucumi, Haitian Creole, Yoruba, Corsican and Catalan. Cuba is a secular country even though it is following the Communist ideas. The major religion is the Roman Catholicism and other religions are Protestant, Pentecostal and Jews.


You can find several tourist destinations in Cuba to enjoy your holidays. Cuba has a rich culture and history and because of this you can find several landmarks such as plazas, fortresses and archways. The main attraction of Cuba is the capital city, Havana. Havana attracts tourists with its night clubs, sports, museums, art galleries, theaters, golf courses and restaurants. You can enjoy the colonial architecture in Old Havana which is the largest colonial center in Caribbean. Santiago de Cuba provides you with interesting forts and museums of colonial days, ruins of coffee plantations and beautiful beaches. In Santiago de Cuba, you can find monument of Hispanic-Cuban-American was of 1898.


Camaguey is the largest province of Cuba with soft white sandy beaches. Explore the Bellamar Caves which are situated 60 miles away from Havana which consists of underground ponds and rivers, ornamental crystal sculptures and pictographs. Vinales is famous for the beauty of nature with its Limestone Mountains, rural houses, cultivation fields and mogotes.  Cayo Largo del Sur is a small island with great quality beaches. Cayo Ensenachos, Cayo Las Brujas and Cayo Santa Maria are small islands that lure the tourists with the beauty of beaches and water activities such as fishing, diving, scuba diving and sailing. Cienfuegos otherwise known as the City of Sea is worth seeing with its cemeteries, churches, theaters, architectural jewels and Palace of Valley.