Dominica is located in the Caribbean which is also known as 'Nature Isle of Caribbean' because of the natural beauty of the island. The island is formed due to the geothermal-volcanic process where you can find the second biggest boiling lake in the world. The island was named by Christopher Columbus who found it on a Sunday. Sunday is known as 'dominica' in Latin language. Caribs are the first settlers of the island and the first European inhabitants of Dominica are the French missionaries. Dominica is one among the Commonwealth Nations and it is the parliamentary democracy.


Head of the state is the President where as the executive power vested on the cabinet. The cabinet is headed by the Prime Minister and the parliament comprise of House of Assembly with thirty members. The economy of the country depends on the offshore services, construction and tourism. But majority of the economy depends on agriculture and tourism.  Dominica is land of cultural diversities with Indo-Caribbean groups, Lebanese, Asians, Lebanese and European minorities. About 3000 Caribs are still remaining in the island. The population of the country is more than 72,000 and among them, 80% is Roman Catholic. Small community of Muslims is also there in Dominica.


The official language of Dominica is English and other languages spoken in the island are Creole and Cocoy. The island consists of mountainous rainforests, animals, plants and birds that attract tourists from various parts of the world. You can find great many breathtaking tourist attractions in this Island.  Boiling Lake is a natural wonders of Dominica and name of the lake came from the boiling water that emits bubbles. Cabrits National Park consist of 1,313 acres of lane with different species of plants and animals, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, tropical forests and swamp. Fort Shirley is another attraction of the park which is known for hiking trails.


Tourists are also attracted by the gorgeous and spectacular Victoria Waterfalls of Dominica.  Trafaglar Waterfalls also known as the Mother and Father is a major attraction here. Morne Trois Pitons National Park consists of numerous tourist attractions of Dominica like Emerald Pool, Middleham Falls, Victoria Waterfalls, Fresh Water Lake, Boiling Lake, and Boeri Lake etc. This national park is listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Because of the beauty of the nature, Dominica was the film locations of Pirate of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Other filming locations were Indian River, Hampstead Beach, Soufriere, Vieille Case and Londonderry River.


The longest river in the island, Layou River is perfect for swimming but you have to check the tides before going to swim. Scott’s Head and Roseau are beautiful villages worth seeing. Surfing at Marigot beaches of Scott’s Head is an enjoyable experience for the tourists coming here. In the picturesque village of Calibishie, you can find palm-fringed beaches, tumbling waterfalls, rain forest with birds and freshwater rivers with bathing pools. Champagne is a snorkeling site where you can see bubbles emitting from volcanic vents underwater that look like a giant champagne glass.