Grenada consists of a main island and six small islands situated in the Caribbean Sea. Grenada is surrounded by other islands such as Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Grenada is otherwise called as 'Island of Spice' because it is the largest exporter of nutmeg in the world. St. George is the capital of Grenada. Caribs were the inhabitants of the island but French conquered the island from the Caribs. Later United Kingdom took the control of the island in 1783 and made Grenada the Crown Colony.  Grenada got independence from Britain in the year 1974.


Head of the State is Queen Elizabeth II and Governor-General represents the queen because Grenada is a Commonwealth Realm. Executive power of the state is vested on the Head of the Government, Prime Minister. Prime Minister will be the leader of the winning party in Parliament even though he is appointed by Governor-General. The Senate of thirteen members and House of Representatives constitute the Parliament. The population of the island is 110,000 and majority of the population are the descendants of African slaves. Some of the people are indigenous Arawak and Caribs who survived the French genocide. Others in the country are East Indian, English and French descendants.


English is the official language of the government but the spoken language of the island is Grenadian Creole. Other spoken language of the island is French Patois and some terms from Hindi/ Bhojpuri are used by the descendants of Indians. Majority of the population are following Christianity and 50% of the people are Roman Catholics. Largest denomination of Protestant is Anglicanism and remaining are Seventh Day Adventist and Presbyterian. The island’s economy is mainly depends up on tourism and major source of income the spice exports. Tourism is mainly focused on the southwest region, coastal strip and airport.


Alhambra Palace is a major attraction which is the Moorish fortresses considered as the outstanding edifice of Christian, Jewish and Muslim legacy. The palace is beautified with huge fortifications, extensive gardens and exquisite palaces. St. George which is the capital town of Grenada is famous for its picturesque waterfronts, forts and stone buildings of ancient times. Some of the good and famous beaches of Grenada are the Pink Gin Beach, Morne Rouge, Grand Anse Beach, Levera Beach and Pearl’s Beach.  Waterfalls such as Seven Sister Falls and Annandale Falls are famous for the hiking trails.


Enjoy festivals and carnivals like Maroon Music Festival held at the Island of Carriacou and Grenada Carnival that last for several weeks. The island has several beaches for enjoying water sports activities such as snorkeling and diving. Historical sites such as Fort George and Fort Frederick will definitely take you to the ancient times. In Grenada, you can also see the undeveloped volcanic lakes such as Lake Antoine and Grand Etang Lake. Other tourist spots worth seeing are Archeological Museum, Belmont Estate, Grand Etang Nature Reserve, and Mt. Qua Qua, Mt. St. Catherine, River Antoine Rum Distillery, Dougladston Estate, Clark’s Court Distillery and Bay Gardens.