Saint Martin is a Caribbean island which is divided between France and Netherlands. Saint Martin consists of a total land area of about 87km². Of which, 53km² comes under France and remaining 34km² comes under the Netherlands. Marigot is a main city of French side and Philipsburg is the main city of Dutch side. The earlier inhabitants of the island were Amerindians and then Europeans settled there. Dutch and France agreed to share the island in the year 1648. The population of Saint Martin is more than 74,000 people and among them over 38,000 is living in Dutch side. More than 35,000 are residing at the French part of the Saint Martin island.


The official languages of Saint Martin are French and Dutch on the respective parts of the island.  English is also a popular spoken language mainly at the tourist destinations. There are several types of tourist spots available at Saint Martin. Both French and Dutch parts maintained the difference in national culture. French emphasized more on elegance and comfort with luxury resorts, lavish accommodations, restaurants and secluded beaches. You can find numerous shops with latest fashions, cafes and bistro that provide a cosmopolitan feeling to the French part of the island and the tourists will feel very much relaxed by going to that part of the island.


The other part of the island is a bustling city with port and has been the center of tourism and trade. The Dutch part is more informal with a Dutch flavor which provides a perfect vacationing atmosphere to the tourists coming there. Beaches are the major attraction of Saint Martin. Tourists can enjoy several activities such as deep-sea fishing, diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, biking, horse riding and sailing. Tourist can also enjoy various cuisines inspired by Caribbean and European food.


The highest point of this island is Pic du Paradis that provide excellent views of the island. Butterfly Farm situated close to Orient Beach of French Side is worth seeing with numerous colorful butterflies inside the tented mesh. Orient Bay is a place where you can find underwater marine reserve and the tourists also can enjoy snorkeling and different water sports. All Saint Martin beaches are suitable for sun bathing and swimming. You can also find Cupecoy Beach on Dutch part of the island. Another popular beach is Maho Bay which is located towards the end of airport runway.


Casinos are also a major attraction of the island and the island houses nine casinos. Casino Royale is the largest casino of the island which is situated at Maho Beach Hotel and Atlantis Casino is at Cupecoy area. Tropicana and Paradise Plaza are located at Cole Bay area. Dutch museum is at the Front Street, Philipsburg and French Museum at Marigot. Fort St Louis is a French Fort that provides you a great view of Marigot harbor. Fort Amsterdam provides you an excellent view of the Philipsburg harbor. Sint Maarten is famous for the nightlife, casinos and beaches located on Dutch side.