Belize is a nation situated in the northern part of Central America on Caribbean coast. Belize is surrounded by Guatemala, Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. The first civilization of Belize was Maya civilization and period of Maya civilization was from 1500 BC to AD 800. Europeans settled the country during 16th century and this country was the only British colony of that region. Belize got independence from Britain in the year 1981 and it is following the democratic monarchy. Doyle’s Delight is the highest point of the country.  More than 60% of the country’s land area is forest and around 20% of the land area is used for agriculture and human settlements.


The economy of Belize mainly depends on agriculture, merchandising, construction, tourism and agro-based industry. Now-a-days, greater importance is given to construction and tourism. Electricity is expensive in Belize and importance is given to trade also and the main partners of trade are European Union, Central America, Mexico and United States. Belize is the member of Commonwealth of Nations and parliamentary democracy. The structure of the parliamentary system is based on British system. The head of the state at present is Elizabeth II and the queen is represented by Governor- General. Head of the government is the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers are the members of majority party.


Ethnic composition in the population is the result of immigration, slavery and colonization. Belize has several ethnic groups, languages and culture. The population of the country is jus more than 320,000. Among the population, 34% comprises of Mestizos, 25% are Kriols, 15% are Spanish, 11% are Maya and 6% are Garinagu. Remaining 9% of the population consists of Indians, whites, Chinese, farmer and several foreign groups. The official language of Belize is English which is also the major language used in education and government. Other spoken languages are Spanish, Kriol and some Maya languages. Belize provides religious freedom and about 80% of the residents are Christians. Other religions are Hinduism and Islam.


Belize is well known for sightseeing attractions and several tourist spots and diving spots are there in the country. Belize City is the major tourist destination of the country where you can find St. John’s Cathedral, parks, Belize zoom Gran’s Farm, Bridges and Baron Bliss Lighthouse monument. Guanacaste National Park, Belmopan is the favorite destination of tourists which covers 50 acres of land known for the flora and fauna present there. Caves Branch River Cave System is another popular destination of Belmopan.


San Ignacio is also a place in Belize where you can find several tourist spots such as Xunantunich, El Pilar Archaeological Reserve, Chaa Creek Natural History Center, Western Belize Caves, Caracol, Cahal Pech and Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. Belize Barrier Reef is a must see attraction of Belize which is easily accessible and impressive.  You can find snorkeling and surfing spots along the barrier reef which provides memorable experiences. Belize Blue Hole is the top most tourist spot for scuba diving. Enjoy bird-watching, cave-tubing, river kayaking, rainforest and several Maya sites of ancient times which are jungle covered and excavated in Belize.