El Salvador is located at the Pacific coastal area of the Central America. This is one of the smallest Central American countries that have Honduras to its eastern side and Guatemala to its western side. Among all the other Central American countries, El Salvador is the only country which does not have an Atlantic coastline. Major area of El Salvador lies on the volcanic highland with about 607 meters or 2,000 feet height. The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador which is among the most beautiful and biggest cities of this country. The other main cities are San Miguel, Santa Ana, Apopa and Soyapango.


The estimated population of El Salvador is 7.2 million with an active growth 1.7%. Spanish is the national language for El Salvador and approximately 57% of the population is Roman Catholic.  One thing which is helpful in development of this country is the literacy rate. With a high literacy rate of 86.1% throughout the nation, the country has gone through major developments. The main reason behind this high literacy rate is the free education scheme by the government till high school.  About 90% of the population believes in Indian as well as Spanish values whereas approximately 1% of the population is firm on their tradition and customs.


This country has a democratic republic government which includes the president of El Salvador as the head of the state and 84 members of Legislative Assembly.  Majority in votes decide the president of the country who serves the nation on the post for a term of five years. In case, the presidential election does not result in more than 50% votes for any of the candidate during the first round, a second round of voting is conducted. The country keeps its law and order through its Supreme Court and independent judiciary. The recent presidential election was held in the month of March, year 2009 and the municipal and legislative elections were conducted in the month of January, year 2009.


The residents of El Salvador enjoys dry and wet, both types of seasons. The lowland of the country is comparatively hotter than the mountainous regions. The rain occurs during the months of May to the October. This duration is also called invieno or the beginning of the winter season. It may rain up to 200cms especially on the southern areas of the mountains. The usual temperature of the lowlands lies between 25°C to 29°C whereas the mountain regions are recorded cold with the temperature between 12°C and 23°C.


There are many places which attract the tourists. With a beautiful capital like San Salvador, there are many other things as well which catch the interest of these visitors. San Salvador has many monuments including Plaza Gerardo Barrios, National Palace, Water Clock, Plaza Morazan, Atlacatl Monument, Sea monument and the Proceres Monument. San Miguel is another famous city with a volcano named San Miguel which invites several tourists. Santa Ana has a national theatre and a well known museum as attraction points. With a Libertad and El Sunzal as beaches, El Salvador is counted as one of the best tourist attractions which welcome thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.