Honduras is located in Central America and was known as the 'Spanish Honduras' in order to differentiate from 'British Honduras' which is now known as Belize. Honduras is bordered by Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Gulf of Honduras, Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Fonseca. Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras. According to the archaeologists, Honduras was a multi-ethnic country in which Mayan civilization is important.  Honduras was the Spanish colony, but along with other nations of Central America it also got independence in 1821. In November 5th 1828, the nation was declared as Honduras.


Honduras is a constitutional republic with five political parties.  Both head of the state and head of the government is the president. Executive power and Legislative power are vested on government and National Congress of Honduras respectively. Judiciary of the country is independent from legislative and executive powers. The territory of Honduras consists of mainly mountains but you can find narrow plains, underdeveloped lowland and populated lowland. Honduras is a hotspot of biodiversity like many other Central American countries. Honduras is in third position as the poorest country in Western Hemisphere after Nicaragua and Haiti. The population of the country is about 7.48 million in which 90% are Mestizos, 7% are Amerindian, 2% are blacks and 1% of white.


The major religion of Honduras is Christianity, out of which 47% are Roman Catholics, 36% are evangelical Protestant and 17% are others. Other religious practices such as Jewish, Buddhism, Islam, Rastafari and Baha’i are also found in the country.  Tourism plays an important role in the economy of Honduras. The country is blessed with rich natural wealth. Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras has not been the target of any kind of natural disasters and because of this the city is retaining its traditional features. Tegucigalpa has many impressive parks and the most distinct among them is the Concordia where you can find the Mayan architecture.


San Pedro Sula is a popular destination with first class hotels, excellent restaurants and new airport. Copan is an ancient city with Copan Ruins Archaeological Park which consists of the ruins of Mayan civilizations. Among the ruins, you can find Great Plaza, Court of Hieroglyphic Stairway, amphitheater and a magnificent Acropolis with temples and courts. Trujillo and La Ceiba are the two coastal towns that lure the tourists as well as the commercial visitors. Trujillo has several ancient Spanish buildings, tropical beaches and remains of pirate history.


La Ceiba is a town where you can find good beaches, hotels and international airport. The town has a protected rainforest known as Pico Bonito National Park. Bay Islands is another tourist attraction and Bay Islands is an archipelago that consists of three islands such as Roatan, Utila and Roatan.  Roatan and Guanaja are tropical islands with hills provide you a fine diving destination and these islands are protected by great coral reef. Utila is bordered by small cays bordered by palm trees.  Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve and Mosquito Coast offers you with several species of flora and fauna.