Bulgaria is situated in southeast Europe and the country is bordered by Romania, Serbia, Greece, Republic of Macedonia and Turkey. Bulgaria is the 16th largest country of Europe. The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia. Prehistoric cultures of Bulgaria include Vinca culture, Neolithic Hamangia culture, Bronze Age Ezero culture and eneolithic Varna culture. First Bulgarian Empire was founded by Bulgars in c. 681 by unifying seven of the south Slavic tribes. Second Bulgarian Empire was under the dominant power of Balkans. After the decline of Second Bulgarian Empire, the territories of the country came under the rule of Ottoman Empire for about five centuries. Principality of Third Bulgarian state was established in the year 1878 immediately after Russo-Turkish War. Full sovereignty of the country was attained in the year 1908.


Bulgaria is a democratic republic with a parliamentary system in which the head of the state is the president and head of the government is the Minister-Chairman. Executive power is vested on the government and legislative power is exercised by both National Assembly and the government. Judicial system is independent from legislative and executive powers. Economy of Bulgaria is an open free-market economy with a large private sector and state-owned enterprises. Bulgaria a major producer of agricultural commodities and tourism is also a major industry of the country.


The total population of Bulgaria is 7,932,984 people. About 84% of the population consists of ethnic Bulgarians and other minorities are Roma minority and Turkish. There are about 40 small ethnic minorities are there in the country. The mother tongue of the people is Bulgarian and about 85% of the people in Bulgaria are speaking Bulgarian. Majority of the population is following Orthodox Christian religion and other religions of the country are Islam, Protestantism and Roman Catholicism. Bulgaria is a secular state in which people can follow any religion.


There are several national parks in Bulgaria and some of the famous national parks of Bulgaria are Pirin National Park, Rila National Park, Vitosha Mountain Park and More National Park. Varna is the largest city with several tourist destinations. There are numerous monasteries in Bulgaria such as Vitosha Monastery, Church of Boyana and Alagia Monastery. Rila Monastery is recognized as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Melnik is a place where you can find Historical Museum of Melnik, Rozhen Monastery and Kordopulov House. Enjoy jeep safari through Bulgarian national forest. Mount Vitosha offers beautiful scenery and skiing for the visitors during winter and the tourists can enjoy cable car ride during summer.


Bojana Church is a great attraction for its historical importance as the church was built in 13th century and the church is a beautiful with its architecture of Middle Ages. Sofia is a place with numerous tourist attractions such as National Palace of Culture, National Art Gallery, National Museum of Natural Science and Institute of Ethnography and Museum. In Montana region of Bulgaria you can find the Roman fortress settlement and you can also relax here by staying in boat house. Bourgass region is famous for wine production and the region is famous for its vineyards, thermal mineral spring and coastal areas.