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Czech Republic is located in Central Europe and the country is landlocked by Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic. Prehistoric settlements of humans have found in this region which dates back to Neolithic era. During late ninth century only, the Czech state came into being and Kingdom of Bohemia was the only kingdom of Premyslid dynasty. Luxembourg dynasty also ruled the country, but the country was integrated with Habsburg monarchy to become one of the three major parts along with Hungary and Austria in 1956 after Battle of Mohacs. The formation of independent Czechoslovakia was in 1918 after the decline of Austro-Hungarian Empire.


In the year 1993, Czechoslovakia is divided into Czech Republic as well as Slovakia. Czech Republic is a democratic country with bicameral parliamentary system. Head of the state is the President with limited powers and head of the government is the Prime Minister who has considerable powers. Czech Republic has a well-developed and high- income economy. Czech Republic is considered as the most prosperous and stable post-Communist states. The country’s economy is privatized which include telecommunications and banks. Some of the major industries are production of Iron and Steel, electronics, chemical production, glass, textiles, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, transportation equipment, china ceramics and brewing.


Czech Republic has a total population of 10.540.748 and majority of the people are of Czech ethnicity which includes Silesians and Moravians. Other minor ethnicities are Slovaks, Ukrainians, Vietnamese, Poles, Hungarians, Russians, Germans, Romani, Greeks and Bulgarians. The country has the population who are least religious and they are the people who are indifferent and tolerant towards religion. About 59% of the people are irreligious or agnostic and remaining population consists of Protestant and Roman Catholic. The official language of the Czech Republic is Czech. The minority languages are German, Hungarian, Greek, Croatian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Rusyn and Romani.


Prague, the capital of the country plays a major role in the economical, political and cultural aspect of Czech Republic. Prague is recognized as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of its architectural landmarks from different periods. Prague is also famous for its various museums, theatres, exhibition halls and galleries. Southern Bohemia is a famous tourist destination with historical sites, monasteries, lakes and castles. Kutna Hora is a historical town which consists of silver mines, St. Barbora cathedral and Chapel of All Saints that is adorned using thousands of bones of humans.


Hiking trip to the holy cave monastery and Karlstejn Castle is a great experience for the tourists. The popular skiing resorts of Czech Republic are situated at Krkonose which is the highest mountains of the country. Terezin is a baroque fortress constructed using red brick located at north Prague and the fortress was used as a concentration camp and Jewish ghetto during Second World War. Central Moravia is a popular tourist spot with different pilgrimage sites, Baroque cathedrals, churches and monasteries. Eastern Bohemia is also filled with tourist attractions such as historic towns, castles and manors. Olomouc is famous for the historical architecture and is included in the list of World Heritage Sites and the place is famous for churches, astronomical clock of 15-metre high, six baroque fountains and column of Holy Trinity.