Latvia is the North European country situates in Baltic regions. The capital of the country is Riga. The borders of Latvia are shared by Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. Sweden lies across the Baltic Sea towards the west of Latvia. During 2nd millennium BC, Baltic people appeared in the region, and in 900 AD, Latvia was inhabited by four different Baltic tribes such as Semigallians, Selonians, Latgalians, Livonians and Curonians. Majority of the country was conquered by Germans in 13th century. Latvia became the part of Russian Empire in 1795. The country got independence from Russian Empire in 1918. Soviet Union re-occupied the country in 1940, but Nazi Germany occupied Latvia in 1941. Again in 1944, Soviet Union conquered Latvia. Latvia restored its full independence in the year 1991.


Latvia is a democratic republic with parliamentary system in which head of the state is the President, and Prime Minister is the head of the government. Executive power is exercised on the government, and legislative power is executed by both parliament and the government. Judicial system is independent to both executive and legislative powers. The economy of Latvia is developing fast, and privatization is almost complete in the country. Some of the major industries of Latvia are synthetic fibers, automobiles, agricultural machinery, washing machines, electronics, processed foods, textiles and radios.


Latvia has a total population of 2.245.357, and the population consist of multiethnic people. Majority of the people are ethnic Latvians. Other ethnic groups are Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Belarusians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Germans, Jews, Roma people and others. Latvian is the official language of the country. Other languages used in the country are Livonian, Latgalians, Russian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romani, Belarusian, Tata, Hebrew, Estonian, German and Yiddish. English is also widely spoken in the country. Christianity is the largest religion of the country. Other religions are Judaism and Islam.


Riga is capital city as well as the cultural city of Latvia. Riga offers the tourists with great cuisine, architecture and beautiful places. Riga consists of the World Heritage Site, Centre of Riga. Other major attractions of Riga are Freedom Monument, the "Three Brothers" , Great and Small Guild Halls, Cat House, Swedish Gate, Academy of Sciences, Riga Castle and Old City Walls. Jurmala Beach is a sandy beach in Latvia that offers a variety of outdoor activities. Surrounding the beach area, there are interesting places such as amusement parks, concert hall, museum, guesthouses, campsites and spa hotels.


Church of Holy Trinity of Liepaja was built in 18th century with excellent Rococo woodcarvings. Liepaja military port allows you to spend a day in the military port prison. Birini Castle with its Neo-gothic architecture offers the visitors tours, accommodation and recreation. Pokaini Forest is a beautiful spot with beautiful rock formations and striking landscapes. Daugava Museum is situated on Dole Island and the museum displays the fishing equipments and tools of Daugava fishermen. Livani glass factory and museum is a great attraction of Latvia. The glass factory gives an idea on how the molten glass is becoming glassware to the visitors, and the museum displays the yesteryear artifacts of the factory which survived several centuries.