Liechtenstein is a central European country bordered by Switzerland and Austria. The capital of Liechtenstein is Vaduz. Liechtenstein was once the part of ancient Raetia province of Rome. The name of the country originated from Liechtenstein dynasty as this family possessed the territory from 1140 to 13th century, and also from 1807 onwards. Liechtenstein became the part of German confederation from 1815 to 1866 which was headed by Emperor of Austria. Liechtenstein got independence from German confederation in 1866. During the time of Cold War, the Liechtenstein citizens were not allowed to enter into Czechoslovakia. The country was not sharing any kind international relations with Slovakia or Czech Republic. In 2009, Liechtenstein established diplomatic relations with Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy, and the country has a mixed constitution. The power of the country is shared by the elected parliament and monarch. The reigning Prince is the most important political authority of the country even after the establishment of parliamentary system. Head of the state is the reigning prince who represents the country in international relations. Executive power is executed by the collegiate government which includes Prime Minister and ministers. Legislative power is vested on unicameral Landtag. Judicial power depends on four different courts.


Liechtenstein has a free-enterprise economy, and the country is highly industrialized and prosperous. The citizens of the country enjoy high standard of living. The economy of the country depends on industries such as pharmaceuticals, tourism, food products, optical instruments, electronics, dental products, metal manufacturing and precision instruments. The total population of the country is 35,789. Majority of the population is ethnic Alemannic, and other ethnic groups are Germans, Swiss, Turks, Italians and Austrians. The official language of the country is German, but majority of the people speak Alemannic. About 88% of the population is following Christianity. Islam is the other religion. Remaining population either do not have any religion or undeclared.


The Principality of Liechtenstein is a beautiful country with mountainous terrains, historic and cultural attractions, and natural scenic beauty. Wine cellars of Prince of Liechtenstein are a popular tourist destination and it is open from Monday to Saturday. Vaduz Castle is the family home of the Prince of Liechtenstein, and the castle is 700 years old. Vaduz Gutenberg Castle is another famous castle of the country built in 13th century. Liechtenstein National Museum consists of forty exhibition rooms and the museum displays exhibits from archaeology, ethnic studies, middle ages and natural history.


Rural Lifestyle Museum was constructed in 1518, and the museum displays the lifestyle of past generations of Liechtenstein. Birka Bird Paradise consists of rare birds from all around the world such as parakeets, parrots, macaws, peacock and amazons. Visitors can explore this natural reserve by hiking or biking throughout the area. Galina falconry is a major attraction of the country where you can see and get personal with eagles, eagle-owls, hawks and falcons. Malbu ski resort is best for both beginners and advanced skiers, and the resort also provides opportunities for hiking and climbing.