Macedonia is officially known as Republic of Macedonia, and the country situated in Southeast Europe in Balkan Peninsula. Macedonia is landlocked by Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania. The capital of the country is Skopje. The country in its northern and central zones was settled by Paeonians and in Lakeland region was settled by tribes such as Lyncestae, Pelagones and Enchelae. Philip II of Macedon conquered Upper Macedonia with other regions such as Pelagonia, southern region of Paeonia and Lynkestis into Kingdom of Macedon. Later, Alexander the Great occupied remaining regions. The country was under the control of Bulgaria, Serbia and Ottomans for sometimes. After Second World War, Macedonia became autonomous province within Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.


Macedonia got independence in the year 1991 from Yugoslavia. Macedonia is a democratic republic country with parliamentary system of government. President of Macedonia is the commander-in-chief of armed forces and president of state security council. Prime Minister is the head of the government. Executive power is executed by government and legislative power is exercised by both parliament and the government. Judicial system is independent to both executive and legislative powers. The economy of the country is an open economy with 90% of the economy depends on trade. Service sector, industrial sector and agricultural sector are the major industries of the country.


The total population of Macedonia is 2,061,315 and Macedonians are the major ethnic group of the country. Albanians are the second largest ethnic group in Macedonia. Other minor ethnic groups are Turks, Roma, Serbs, Bosniaks and Aromanians. Majority of the people in Macedonia is following Christianity and from that 64.7% are Macedonian Orthodox Church. Around 33.3% of Macedonians are Muslims making it the fourth highest Muslim populated country in Europe. Macedonian is the widely spoken and official language of Macedonia. Other languages spoken in the country are Serbian, Bosnian, Aromanian, Turkish, Romani and Albanian.


Kale Fortress is a popular tourist spot of Macedonia and the fortress is standing high on the hill in Skopje valley. You can see the magnificent view of Skopje city below from the hill. Stone Bridge in Skopje was constructed during the rule of Byzantine Emperor Justinian. Ohrid City is listed as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO and the one among the major attractions of the city is the Lake Ohrid. Lake Ohrid is a good destination for people who are enthusiastic about water sports. Some of the major attractions of Ohrid are National Park of Galichica, Prespa Lake, Museum of Water, Bay of Bones Museum and Old Bazaar.


Bitonia is an old town where you can explore city square, old bazaar, City Park, old city of Heraklea and Sokak Street. Strug is a small village alongside the Lake Ohrid where you can walk through Kalishta village, cave monastery and cave churches. Pelister National Park of Macedonia is popular for two mountain lakes, climate, and its variety of animals and plants. You can find archaeological locations in Stip which is a town that has been existed for many millenniums. Kumanovo is a famous tourist spot where you can find churches and pre-modern settlements.