Malta is situated in Southern Europe, and the country is an archipelago in Mediterranean Sea. Malta is among the smallest countries in the worlds and also the most populated countries of the world. Valletta is the capital of Malta. According to the archaeological findings, the islands of Malta were settled during 5200 BC and the settlers were Stone Age farmers or hunters. The islands were not populated after 2500 BC until the immigrants of Bronze Age came to settle there. Greeks settled in the islands during 700 BC, and the region was controlled by Carthage in 400 BC. Rome, Arabs, Kingdom of Sicily and French ruled the islands later.


Malta became the part of British Empire in 1800 and in 1964, the country got independence from United Kingdom. Malta is a democratic republic country with parliamentary system of government. President is the head of the state and Prime Minister is the head of the government as well as of the cabinet. Legislative power is exercised by the parliament which comprises of President and House of Representatives. Judicial power is vested on Judiciary of Malta and Chief Justice. Malta has an advanced economy.  The country’s economy mainly depends on manufacturing, financial services, tourism and foreign trade.


Malta has a population of 412,966. About 95.3% of the country’s population consists of Maltese, and British consist of 1.6%. Around 98% of the population is following Roman Catholicism. Other minority religions are Jehovah’s Witnesses, Fellowship of Evangelical Church, Jewish, Islam, Baha’i and Zen Buddhism. The official languages of Malta are Maltese and English. Both English and Maltese are mandatory in primary schools and secondary schools of Malta. Other languages spoken in the country are French and Italian.


The economy of the country mainly comes from tourism also because of variety of tourist attractions in Malta.  Malta has the history of thousands of years and hence the historical monuments are attracting several people from all around the world.  Valetta, the capital of Malta has several tourist spots such as Merchants Street built in baroque style, Grand Masters Palace, Co-Cathedral of St. Jon, Church of Our Lady of Victories, National Museum Fine Art and National Museum of Archaeology. Roman Villa of Rabat is a popular tourist destination, and you can also explore St. Paul’s tombs, St. Agatha’s tombs and baroque churches. Mdina is city with ancient fortress and Palazzo Falzon built in Norman style of architecture.


Blue Grotto is a place where you can see four caves with corals and limestone in the sea. Gozo is a place where you can see Citadel, Crafts Village, Ta’ Pinu, Ggantija, Dwejra Window and Victoria. Silema is a bustling and hustling city with shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, discos, hotels and clubs. Marsaxlokk is a place where Temple of Juno is situated. The temple was dedicated by Greeks to fertility goddess based on Greek mythology. You can also find a Neolithic temple which was built in 3000 BC in Hagar Qim. Senglea is a popular tourist spot where you will see the Grand Harbor, and Vittoriosa port towns.