Monaco is a city state situated at French Riviera surrounded by France on its three sides. Monaco is the capital of Monaco as City and State is not differentiated geographically. Monaco was inhabited toward the end of Paleolithic Age which is around 300,000 BC. Based on a myth, Hercules traveled through the area and all the previous gods of the region were turned away that resulted in the construction of the temple known as the House of Hercules. Monaco was re-established in the year 1215 as Genoa’s colony. From 1297 onwards, House of Grimaldi is ruling Monaco. French revolutionaries captured the city state in 1793 and the principality was under the control of French until 1814.


Traditionally, the Principality of Monaco was under the autocratic rule of Prince of Monaco. But after establishing a constitution in the year 1911, the principality became constitutional monarchy. Prince is the head of the state in Monaco, and the executive power is on the Minister of the state appointed by the monarch. Legislative power is executed by the National Council. Supreme Court and Supreme tribunal consist of the judicial branch. The major source of economy in Monaco is tourism. Other major economic sectors are postal service and tobacco. The standard of living in Monaco is high.


The population of Monaco is 32,671, and among the population, 28% is French nationals. About 21% is Monegasque and other ethnic groups of the country are Italians, Germans, Swiss, Belgians and Anglos. French is Monaco’s official language and Monegasque is the tradition language of the principality. Other languages spoken in the principality are Italian and English. Roman Catholicism is the official language of Monaco, but freedom of religions is guaranteed in the constitution. Other religious practices are Anglican and Jewish.


There are several tourist destinations in Monaco which includes palaces, museums, cathedrals and sightseeing places.  The most popular attraction of Monaco is Prince’s Palace which was constructed back in 13th century. It is also known as the Palace du Prince which is a fortress. The palace is the official residence of Monacan Prince, and the palace is opened to the visitors when the Prince and his family are on a tour. Formula One makes the principality as the most sought after tourist destination of Europe. Every Monaco Grand Prix is taking place in principality. Monaco has several popular museums that are worth seeing. Some of the museums of the country are oceanographic museums, museums for natural history, naval museums, museums of stamp and coins and anthropological museums.


Monaco is blessed with a series of magnificent gardens. Some of the popular gardens of Monaco are Zoological gardens, the Exotic Gardens and the Observation Cave, Fontvieille Park and Princess Grace Rose Garden and St. Martin Gardens. Some of the historical and architectural structures in Monaco are Monaco Cathedral, Fort Antoine, St. Davote Church and St. Charles Church. Monte Carlo is a famous town of Monaco and the place is the home of the popular Monte Carlo Grand Casino. Other Monte Carlo attractions are Avenue Saint Martin, Jardin Exotique, Monte Carlo Harbor, Japanese Garden and Larvotto Beach.