Poland is a Central European country bordered by Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus and Baltic Sea. Russian exclave, Kaliningrad Oblast also borders Poland. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. The region was populated by different ethnic groups throughout the Late Antiquity. The country became unified under the reign of Piast Dynasty during 10th century middle. In 1025, the Kingdom of Poland formed and the country united with Grand Duchy of Lithuania to form Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1569. The commonwealth was dissolved in 1795 and Poland was divided among Russian Empire, Austria and Kingdom of Prussia. Second Polish Republic was formed in 1918 by regaining the independence.


Soviet Union and Nazi Germany invaded the count in 1939 that triggered Second World War. People’s Republic of Poland was formed in 1944. It remained with Soviet until 1989, and the country became Third Polish Republic in 1990. Poland is a democratic republic with parliamentary system of government. President of the country is the head of the state and Prime Minister is the head of the government. Executive power of the country is taken care by the Council of Ministers. Both government and the parliament are taking care of the legislative power. Judiciary is independent from legislative and executive powers.


Poland has a high-income economy making it the sixth largest economy in European Union. The economy of the country mainly depends up on service sector. Other major economic sectors are industry and agriculture. Tourism also plays an important part in the economy of Poland.  The population of Poland is more than 38 million. Polish people are the major ethnic group which consists of 96.7%.  Other minorities are Ukrainian, Belarusian, German, Russians, Indians, Chinese, Armenians, Arabs and Vietnamese. Major religion of the country is Roman Catholic which consists of 89.8% of the population. Other religious faiths are Eastern Orthodox, Protestants, Judaism, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mariavites. Around 97.8% of the population is speaking Polish language.


Cities of Poland are the most visited places of Poland and the popular cities are Warsaw, Lublin, Torun, Wroclaw and Poznan. Poland has several historic activities, sightseeing places and outdoor activities. Masuria is the place where you can find 3,000 lakes which makes it a popular destination of tourists. You can also see several castles surrounding Masuria, and some of the castles Gizycko, Nidzica and Reszel.  Bieszczady Mountains are considered as the paradise of tourists as it offers great trekking opportunities, camping sites and fascinating views. The mountain range is a place surrounded with old churches and evergreen forests. Bieszczadzki National Park is also a popular destination with more than 200 species of avian and animals.


Tatra Mountains are the highest mountain range of the country with ridges, rocky peaks, waterfalls and lakes. Tatra National Park is included in the Biosphere list of UNESCO. Slowinski National Park is a must see destination with its deserted landscape, sand dunes and natural beauty where different types of birds and wild animals are living. This national park is also included in the list of Biosphere reserves. Danzig is a place with beautiful beaches and gentle climate. Krakow is also a famous tourist destination with a Renaissance castle, medieval cathedrals, Art Nouveau theatre and Baroque churches.