Switzerland is a western European country. The capital of Switzerland is Bern. The country is landlocked by Germany, France, Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy. The country is geographically divided into Alps, Jura and Central Plateau in which Alps occupies major part of the country. The population is concentrated mostly on Central Plateau. According to the evidences, the human beings inhabited the region dated back to 150,000 years. Switzerland was the territory of Kings of the Burgundians from 4th century. The Modern day Switzerland as divided between kingdoms of Burgundy and Alemannia. Helvetia is the ancient name of the country and the country was among the league of cantons in Holy Roman Empire.


Switzerland obtained independence from Holy Roman Empire in 1648. French revolutionaries conquered the country in 1798. Switzerland restored its independence in 1815. Switzerland is a democratic republic with parliamentary system of government. Federal Council is the head of the government. Federal administration and the government are controlling the executive power. The federal legislative power is exercised by the two chambers of Federal Assembly of Switzerland and the government. Judicial system is independent from legislative and executive powers.  Switzerland’s economy is modern and stable economy. The economy of Switzerland depends on foreign investment. Switzerland has highly developed infrastructure for tourism and a great part of the economy is coming from tourism. Switzerland ranks high in quality of life.


Switzerland has the total population of 7.8 million. Among the Swiss citizens, 65% are of German. Other ethnicities are French, Italian, Romansch and others. Majority of the Swiss people are Roman Catholics and other Christian denominations are Orthodox and Protestant. Other religious groups in Switzerland are Judaism, Islam, Methodism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Hinduism and Buddhism. Switzerland has four official languages such as German, Italian, Romansh and French. Other minority languages spoken in Switzerland are Portuguese, Albanian, Spanish, Macedonian and English.


Switzerland is a thrilling destination for every tourist as the country offers excellent views of the Alps. Bern is the ancient capital of the country with old houses and architecture. The eleventh century streets of Berne provide great opportunities for shopping and sightseeing. Chillon Castle is the popular castle of the country situated at the shore of Lake Geneva. Several excellent ski resorts are there in the country, and the famous among them is the Zermatt. Zermatt located below the Matterhorn peak of Swiss Alps. Geneva Jet D’eau in Switzerland is one among the tallest fountains of the world.


Swiss National Park is a great destination for hiking. The national park covers almost half of the area of the whole country which consists of different wildlife like marmots, eagles, elks and so on. There are several museums in Basel, and some of the popular museums are Antiken Museum which consists of artifacts of ancient Roman and Greek, Jewish Museum, Paper Museum and Kunst Museum. Chur is an old city in Switzerland which consists of tourist attractions such as Rhine River, mountains and valleys. The popular ski resorts in the world are situated in Chur and some of the ski resorts are Arosa, Davos and St. Moritz.

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