Ukraine is an Eastern European country. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. Ukraine shares its borders with Russian Federations, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. Human inhabitations of Ukraine is dated back to 32, 0000 BCE. The country was the part of Scythian Kingdom during 700 BC-200 BC. In the 9th century, the Kievan Rus was established by Varangians which is a medieval state. Ukraine was the most powerful state of Europe during the 10th to 11th century, Ukraine was under three powers- Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Golden Horde and Kingdom of Poland.


The country was divided between regional powers between 1700 and 1721, and by the 19th century major part of Ukraine joined with Russian Empire. Remaining part of the country was under the control of Austro-Hungarian rule. Ukraine became independence from Soviet Union in the year 1991. Ukraine is unitary semi-presidential democratic republic. President of Ukraine is the head of the state, and head of the government is Prime Minister. Executive branch is under the control of Cabinet, and legislative branch is taken care by the parliament. Judicial system independent in principal, but the judges are under the pressure of political interests. Ukrainian economy is a market economy.


Ukraine has abundant natural resources such as hydroelectricity, nuclear fuel and coal. Other major industries are steel, pipes, cast iron, fertilizer, agriculture, defense industry and tourism. Total population of Ukraine is 45,778,500. About 77.8% of the people are ethnic Ukrainians. Other major ethnic groups of the country are Russian, Belarusians, Bulgarians, Hungarians, Romanians, and Crimean tartars, Moldovans, Jews, Armenians, Poles, Tatars and Greek. Orthodox Christianity is the major religion of Ukraine. About 39.8% of the people are following Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchy, 29.4% are following Moscow Patriarchy Orthodox Church and 14.1% is following Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox church. Other religious groups are Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Islam, Protestants, Jewish and Roman Catholic.


Ukrainian is the official language of the country, and the recognized regional languages are Russian and Crimean Tatar. Other languages spoken in the country are Bulgarian, Polish, Romanian, Romanian, Rusyn and Hungarian. Ukraine is a country with rich history and culture. St Sophia Cathedral and Monastery is a major attraction of Ukraine, and the cathedral is constructed during 11th century. Kiev, the capital of Ukraine has attractions like Cathedral of St. Vladimir, the Golden Gate, Museum of Ukrainian Art, Opera House, Historical museum and Andreyev Hill. Crimean resorts are the great place for spending the vacation. Carpathian Mountains are known as Green Pearl of Ukraine in which you can enjoy natural areas, meadows, shepherds, humans and forests.


Lviv is an ancient city with narrow medieval streets and unique architecture of the building. Odessa is the third largest city situated along Black Sea, and the city plays an important role in the Ukrainian trade. Khotyn is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine, and it has an important place in the history. The Savior Cathedral of Chernihiv is also a historic place which shows the Byzantine architecture. Other tourist attractions of Ukraine are Odessa Archaeological Museum, National Museum of the History of Great Patriotic War, Vyudubychi monastery, Sofiyivsky Park, Livadia Palace and Kiev Pechersk Lavra.