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Middle-East comprises of North Africa and Western Asia but in ancient history, Near East is the term used for Middle East. The major religions like Christianity, Bahai Faith, Islam and Judaism are said to be originated in the Middle East. The climate of this region is generally hot and arid and there are many rivers that provide irrigation to agricultural use in certain areas. Crude oil is found in large quantities in most of the countries that are located around Persian Gulf. Some of the important cities of this region are Cairo, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Baghdad and Damascus. You can find remains of ancient and medieval civilizations here. Travelers can find many rewarding and fascinating tourist destinations in Middle East. The landscapes, sand dunes and palm lined lakes make the region more interesting, also shopping is very exciting in the Middle East, like jewellery, furniture, watches...


Residents of Middle East are varied like Persians, Turks, Jews and Arabs forming the majority and Armenians, Kurds and other forming the minority. Majority of the countries in this region are with Muslim majority except in Israel which has a majority of Jewish people. Shia Muslims are the majority in countries like Iraq, Iran and Bahrain whereas Sunnis are the majority in other countries. The primary language of the region is Arabic as it is the major language used in almost all countries of this region. But Persian is the dominating language of Iran, Hebrew is the main language of Israel and Turkish is dominating in Turkey.


Middle East is considered as a good and luxurious tourist destination. The countries of Middle East are Kuwait, Morocco, Sudan, Turkey, Western Sahara, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, Israel, Oman, UAE and Lebanon Among the tourist destinations, Dubai is considered as the best destination for shopping.  Morocco is famous for its elegant glass lamps, Arab sultans, fragrant spices, tall date palms and camel caravans. Some of the popular tourist destinations of Morocco are Rif Mountains, Dades Valley, High Atlas Mountains, sand dunes of Fez and fishing port of Asalh and Essaouira.


Another major holidaying spot is Jordan and the travelers can experience some spectacular ruins of Roman cities, Nabatean city of Petra, brook where the baptism of Jesus done, ancient city Jerash and Dead Sea.  Some of the popular destinations of Istanbul are Basilica Cistern, Taksim Square, blue mosque, Galata towers and Hagia Sophia Suleymaniye Mosque. Egypt is famous for its Pyramid of Giza and Great Sphinx.  Iran has many places to visit such as gardens, mosques, traditional houses, desert oasis, and Garmeh cave village, Zagros Mountains, Kish Island and large aquariums.


Sudan is famous for Meroe Pyramids of Nubian Kings and another popular destination is Sudan is the Khartoum city. Saudi Arabia’s popular destinations are Mecca and Medina. In Syria, you can visit ancient cities such as Basra, Damascus and Aleppo that are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Major attractions of Israel are Negev Desert, underwater attractions at Eilat, Carmel market of Tel Aviv, beautiful beaches and National parks.  UAE consists of seven states such as Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah and Ummal-Quwain.

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