Official name of Bahrain is the Kingdom of Bahrain which consists of a group of thirty-three islands. Bahrain is located in Persian Gulf and Al Khalifa royal family is ruling the country. Towards the west of Bahrain lies the Saudi Arabia and both the countries are linked by King Fahd Causeway and Qatar is situated toward the southeast of Bahrain. Bahrain is popular for pearls and oil deposits. Bahrain has several skyscrapers and famous among them is the Murjan Tower.  The name Bahrain came from the Arabic term which means two seas.


The country of Bahrain is ruled by King and the government is headed by Prime Minister. The cabinet consists of twenty-five people in which 80% of them are from royal inheritance. The economy of the country is growing because of the oil deposits here. Bahrain is an archipelago consists of thirty-three islands and the country is not sharing its boundary with any other country. The largest islands of the country are Sitrah, Muharraq Island, Bahrain Island and Umm an Nasan. About 92% of the country consists of desert. The official language of the country is Arabic and Islam is the major religion. Bahrain is the first Arab country that houses a Formula-One race track and also hosts Gulf Air Grand Prix and Bahrain Grand Prix.


Tourism is also a major income source of the country and the country is favoring large-scale projects for tourism. Every year eight million tourists are coming in to the country. Bahrain is the fashionable country among the Arab countries that encourages nightlife. Bahrain is the favorite destination of the tourists because of several reasons such as entertainment opportunities, historical sites and accommodation options. Manama which is the capital of the country is the center of shopping, ballet, exhibitions, concerts and cultural events.


Bahrain has constructed several sites which are worth visiting. Durrat Al Bahrain is a resort city designed for entertaining the tourist with golf course, theme park, exhibition center, Aqua Park and marina. Amwaj islands is a group of artificial islands made of man consist of zoo, sports centers, apartments, commercial complexes and five-star hotels. Bahrain Racing Circuit Expansion is a place where Formula One Bahrain Grand prix is taking place. Bahrain Iceberg is a resort that consists of ice-sports and indoor skiing.


Bahrain has several forts and castles and Qalat Al Bahrain is a castle included in the list of World Heritage Sites list by UNESCO. You can also find several archaeological sites that had a civilization dated back to five thousand years. Bahrain National Museum is a popular destination in which country’s historical artifacts of dated back to 9000 years displayed. Oil Museum that is located near First Oil Well consists of old photographs, documents, oil rig model that is working and drilling equipments. Some of the other tourist spots are Riffa Fort, Arad Ford, Dilmun Burial Mounds, King Fahd Causeway, Bahrain Synagogue, Al Khamis Mosque, Al Fatech Mosque, Adhari Park, Siyadi House, Tree of Life, Seef Mall and so on.