Israel is located at the eastern part of Mediterranean Sea which is bordered by Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, West Bank, Gaza Strip and Egypt. Israel is the only Jewish country in the world which is described as ‘the Jewish and democratic state’ by government of Israel. The population of the country is more than 7 million out of which over 5 million are Jewish. Other religions found in the country are Muslims, Christian and Druze. Half of the total area in Israel is occupied by southern Negev region which forms largely of desert. Jordan, the only river that flows through Lake Kinneret and Lake Hule is entering in to the Dead Sea.


The country is a parliamentary democracy with a parliamentary system. Head of the government is the Prime Minister and legislative body of the country is known as Knesset. Economy of the country depends on the gross domestic products. The capital of the country is Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is the major financial center. Israel is in the 17th position among the economically developed countries in the world. The life of the country revolves around Hebrew calendar.  The official languages of Israel are Hebrew and Arabic. Other languages used are English and Russian.


Jerusalem is an important city of Israel as the city is special to Jews, Christians and Muslims in terms of their religious beliefs. In Jerusalem the Israelis has Temple Mount and Western Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque for Muslims and Church of Holy Sepulchre for Christians. Other religiously important areas are Cave of Patriarchs of Hebron, Joseph’s tomb of Shechem and Rachel’s Tomb of Bethlehem. Religious tourism is important in Israel along with beaches, historical and archaeological sites. Because of the four phytogeographic regions, the country exhibit diversity in fauna and flora. Israel has 190 nature reserves.


Some of the popular tourist destinations in Israel are Tel Aviv, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jericho, Caesarea, Tiberia, Acre and Safed. The biggest international airport of the country, Ben Gurion International Airport is situated at Tel Aviv. Some of the tourist spots of Tel Aviv are Rabin Square, Eretz-Israel Museum, The Yarkon Park, Old Jaffa, King Albert Square, and Neveh Shaanan and so on. Nazareth is the beautiful city of Israel where you can find popular tourist attraction like Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, Mary’s Well, Diwan El Lajun, El-Babour, The Basilica of the Annunciation and the white mosque. Caesarea is the ancient Roman city which was the capital under the rule of Romans.


Eilat is a city situated in the south of Israel which is a most sought after destination. Outdoor sports, desert safaris, bird watching, water sports and night life can be enjoyed in the city of Eilat. Another must see tourist spot is the Dead Sea which is located in the lowest level on the earth and density of salt is very high so that all the things will float without sinking in to the water. Tower of David is an attractive fortress situated at Jaffa Gate. Safed is a holy city of Israel with artists’ galleries, private homes and medieval synagogues.