Qatar is an emirate also called as State of Qatar located in the Middle East. The State of Qatar is surrounded by Persian Gulf making it a peninsula. Saudi Arabia borders the country in the South and a strait of Persian Gulf separated Qatar from Bahrain. Qatar is a monarchy ruled by al-Thani family from 19th century. Qatar is an emirate government and the legal system consists of both civil and Islamic law codes controlled by Emir. Qatar is divided in to eight municipalities. The economy of the country mainly depends on oil resources as it has rich oil and gas reserves.


Oil and gas reserves made the country the second highest one in terms of per-capita income. Before discovering the petroleum reserves, the country’s economy was mainly focused on pearl hunting and fishing. Because of the oil exports, the country is earning high revenues and now Qatar has high standard of living with all facilities of a modern state. Country has a population of more than 1.5 million and Islam is the major religion of the country. Among the population, 77.6% are Muslims and other religions of the country are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Bahais. Majority of the population consists of ethnic Arabs and official language is Arabic.


Other languages spoken all around Qatar are English, Tamil, Malayalam, Urdu, Hindi, Sindhi, Pashto, Tagalog, Persian, Bengali, Telugu and Balochi. Nearly three-fourth of the people is expatriates as the petroleum industry lured people to Qatar. Majority of foreigners are from South Asia mainly from India. Qatar follows a civil law which uses Sharia law for inheritance, family law and some criminal acts but most of the Qatar citizens follow Hanbali Madhhab, a religious law. Qatar opened its doors for tourism in 1989 and the country is a fast developing mid-east tourist destination.


There are several interesting tourist spots in Qatar and each destination is unique on its own. You can come know the history, culture and heritage of the country by visiting places. One of the most popular tourist destinations of Qatar is Doha. Doha is a city with several beaches that allows you to enjoy the water sports and Doha Fort is another tourist spot. Al-Khor is a major tourist spot that offers natural beauty, several watchtowers and commercial port. Kingdom of Aladdin, an entertainment city is located at West Bay consists of play features suitable for each age group, artificial lagoon, cafeteria, rest house and theater.


Al Rumaila Park is situated at Doha cornice lures the travelers with restaurants, shopping facilities and children rides. Dahl El-Hamam Public Park is situated at Khalifa Al-Shamalia has children play area, green lawns and walking space. Al Jassasiya is a tourist spot with rocky hills located between two villages Al Huwailah and Fuwairit which are famous for the stone carvings of pre-historic times. Desert Safari is a major attraction for the tourists and the air-conditioned vehicles that take you to the safari are well equipped with safety equipments in order to make the trip exciting as well as safe.