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North America is located in northern hemisphere and western hemisphere bordered by North Atlantic Ocean in the east, Caribbean Sea in the southeast and North Pacific Ocean in the west, Arctic Ocean in the north and towards the southeast is the South America. About 4.8% of the earth’s surface is occupied by North America and total population is about 529 million. In terms of area, North America is the third largest of the seven continents and in 4th position in terms of population.


North American continent comprises of one island, Greenland and three big nations such as USA, Mexico and Canada. Towards the southern extreme of the continent there are seven small nations and island nations and territories of two dozen are located in Caribbean and away from the Canadian Atlantic coast, there is a French territory. Even though the Caribbean and Central America are part of the North America, they are considered as separate. The highest point in North America is the Mt. McKinley and about one-eighth of the continental area consists of Mississippi River along with its two tributaries, Ohio and Missouri. English is the major language of US and Spanish is the secondary language. In certain areas of Canada, French is the language spoken.


Majority of the population are of European descents that can be seen mainly in Canada and US and Mestizos comprises of three-fifth of the population in Mexico. North America is protected by the ancient Appalachian Mountains towards the southeast and towards the west stands the taller Cordilleras. Isthmus of Panama is the only land link to South America from North America.  Some of the famous cities of the continent are Mexico City, New York City, Toronto, Panama City, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Washington D.C, Havana and Kingston.


United States of America is one among the most traveled countries all around the globe. The country is visited by millions of people for various purposes. USA has the most popular cities of the world such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington and New York. Travelers can enjoy the historical, cultural and natural wonders in US. Some of the famous landmarks of USA are Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Pentagon, White House and Five great lakes. Another frequented tourist destination of the continent is Canada. Major tourist destinations of Canada are Paramount Canada’s Wonderland, Kortright Conservation Area, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Niagara Falls, Ice Fishing village, Montmorency Falls Park and Boyd Conservation Area.


Mexico has many historically important sites, natural wonders and other attractions. Mexico’s popular attractions are National Palace, Fine Arts Palace, City of Children, National Auditorium, Modern Art Museum, Metropolitan Cathedral, Zocalo and Chapultepec Castle. Greenland is a large island with stunning landscapes and beaches. Caribbean is famous for its island culture, crystal clear water and sandy beaches. Bermuda attracts tourists with its sand beaches, swimming, snorkeling and coral reefs. In Alaska, you can enjoy towering mountains, glaciers and the wildlife. Enjoy your vacations with your family by going to North American tourist destinations.

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