United States of America is located in North America and the capital of USA is Washington, D.C. USA is bordered by Mexico and Canada and the Alaska State is bordered by Canada and Russia. State of Hawaii, an archipelago is situated in mid-Pacific. The country has control over many territories in Pacific and Caribbean. USA is one among the ethnically and culturally diverse countries. The country is third largest in the world by both population and land area. Indigenous people (Asian origin) who are inhabited the mainland for several thousand years ago. These people of indigenous origin were greatly reduced due war by Europeans and disease.


Great Britain established thirteen colonies in North America along the Atlantic coast from 1607-1733. In the year 1776 on July 4, independence of America was declared and the rebellious states overpowered the British Empire during American Revolution. It was the first successful war for independence.  United States of America is the oldest federation in the world which is still surviving. America is a republic with constitution as well as a representative democracy. Federal government of USA consists of three branches such as executive, legislative and judicial. Executive power is vested on the President who is also the commander-in-chief of military. Legislative power is carried out by a bicameral congress consist of House of Representative and Senate.


US economy is the largest in the world and the country’s economy is a capitalist mixed economy. The economy of the country depends on natural resources, infrastructure as well as high productivity. USA is world’s largest importer and third largest exporter of goods. The population of USA is 308,745,538 which also include the illegal immigrants of 11.2 million. USA is the third populous country in the world after China as well as India. English is the defacto and national language of the country. Another language spoken in United States of America is Spanish. United States is a secular nation, but majority of the population are Christian. Other religions are Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism as well as Unitarian Universalism.


Tourism industry of America plays a key role in its economy. Niagara Falls is the major attraction of USA which comprises of four hundred acres of land filled with scenery. Three waterfalls together make up the Niagara Falls and the three waterfalls are Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls of American side and Horseshoe Falls of Canadian side. Urban tourism in cities like San Francisco, Washington, New York and Chicago consist of tourist attractions such as theme parks, museums, sightseeing and historical landmarks.


In Los Angeles, you can visit Universal Studios Hollywood, Long Beach, Hollywood, Disney land and Malibu beach. The tourist spots in Chicago are Grant Park, John Hancock Center, Grant Park and Brookfield Zoo. New York City has the famous landmark, Statue of Liberty. Alaska State has tourist spots such as Mckinley Mountain, Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes, Alaska Native Heritages, Glacier Bay Cruise and gold mine at Fairbanks. Boston has tourist spots such as Boston Harbor Island tour, Harvard University, Faneuil Hall marketplace, Custom House Tower and Freedom Trail walking route. Florida is famous for its attractions such as Orlando Disneyworld, Orlando SeaWorld, Miami South Beach, Kissemmee Gatorland and Key West.