Oceania is located on the tropical Pacific Ocean and the region consists of volcanic islands and coral reefs. Oceania is a region beginning from Straits of Malacca to coast of America. Oceania is divided in to four regions namely Malaysia (now known as Malay Archipelago), Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia. Some of the countries included in Oceania are New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Fiji and different islands. Oceania got the name because of the presence of oceans and seas and the major land area of Oceania region is Australia.  The major religion of Oceania region is Christianity.


Countries from Oceania region are great tourist destinations. Travelers can have an unforgettable experience of their holidays by going to the Oceania region. Tourists can find a range of flora and fauna in the countries from Oceania. Several historical and cultural landmarks provide you a great knowledge on this region. Islands in this region consist of biological and natural resources. You can also enjoy the marine life under the ocean waters. Some of the popular cities of Oceania are Sydney, Apia, Christchurch, Auckland, Noumea, Melbourne, Papeete, Suva and Port Moresby. Most of the islands are exciting as you can travel around these islands for months.


Australian and New Zealand are the major tourist destinations in the Oceania. Australia is one of the seven continents and smallest continent in the world. Australia is known for its wildlife and Kangaroos. Australia is a tourist’s paradise as it consists of mountains, beaches, deserts, landscapes and many other attractions. Never ending adventure and fun is available in Australia such as mountaineering, rafting, horse riding and trekking. The major attraction of Australia is Kangaroos and Australian cities such are Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne are worth visiting.


New Zealand is a land of landscapes, islands, underwater marvels, beautiful bays, snow-capped mountains, historic sites, glaciers and Geysers. Some of the memorable activities in New Zealand are sailing in Marlborough Sounds, whale watching of Kaikoura, Kayaking in Abel Tasman and Harbor cruises of Auckland, hiking on Fox Glaciers / Franz Josef and other sightseeing tours. Indonesia has preserved the rainforests and natural ecosystem. The reason for the well preserved ecosystem of Indonesia is that only 6,000 from the 17,000 islands are occupied by humans. The popular destinations are the forests of Java and Sumatra.


Indonesia is blessed with several island resorts and beaches also. National parks in Indonesia are 50 in number out of which six of them are listed as the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Indonesian national parks offer various biodiversity. The popular activities are camping and hiking and volcanic mountains are also the popular tourist destinations even though they are dangerous. Fiji offers snorkeling tours, sailing tours, dolphin watching and island tours. Some of the popular sightseeing tours in Fiji are historic sites on Coral Coast, Beach tours of Nananu-i-Ra Island, 4 wheeler drives to rainforests, shopping tours and village tours. Diving, trekking, fishing, cruising and bird watching are some of the popular activities in Papua New Guinea.

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