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French Polynesian is constituent country of France which consists of many groups of Polynesian Islands. The famous among them is the Tahiti which is in the group of Society Islands. Until the formation of French protectorate in the year 1889, the groups of Islands in French Polynesia were not united officially. The first settlers of the islands are the indigenous Polynesians. In 1880, Tahiti was annexed by the France making the islands in to a colony from the status of a protectorate. Polynesians got French citizenship in 1946 and the status of the islands again changed in to overseas territory.


French Polynesian is a democratic parliamentary system in which the President is the head of the government. Executive power is vested on the government and Legislative power is exercised by both government and French Polynesia Assembly which is the territorial assembly. French Polynesia is the fifth biggest economy of Oceania after New Zealand, New Caledonia, Hawaii and Australia. The economy of French Polynesia mainly depends upon the imported goods, financial assistance to French mainland and tourism. The fruit named 'noni' in these islands proved to have medicinal values and agricultural industry is also providing enough jobs for the people.


The population of the French Polynesian Islands is 267,000 and about 68.6% of the people are living in Tahiti. Among the people, 87.3% of them are native French Polynesians. The official language of French Polynesia is French. People also use Tahitian and Polynesian languages to speak. Some people speak Chinese language. The main religion of the people here is Christianity as 54% people are following Protestant churches and 30% of the people are Roman Catholics. Remaining consist of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Jehovah’s Witnesses.


French Polynesia consists of great number of tourist spots and tourists can enjoy a relaxing vacation by going to this French territory. The capital of French Polynesia, Papeete which is an urban city is situated on the Tahiti Island. Venus Point is a place in Tahiti where the first Europeans came in 1767. Blowhole of Arahoho is a tourist attraction in which the water is thrown upwards and other attractions of Tahiti include Arahurahu, Botanical Gardens, Paul Gauguin Museum, Faarumai and Vaipahi waterfalls, Papara Marae Grotto and marae of Mahaiate. Four parks of fish are offered by Lagoonarium de Tahiti. Marquesas Islands are high islands where you can see wild goats, pigs and horses on the steep mountains.


Moorea Island also attracts travelers with its white sandy beaches, volcanic peaks and clear lagoons good for diving, snorkeling and swimming. The sightseeing trail through the magnificent Opunohu Valley that is uninhabited for the last 150 years consists of 500 ancient buildings like marae or temples. Travelers can enjoy the activities and sightseeing excursions to Bora Bora where the tourists can do activities such as snorkeling, swimming, scuba-diving, boat trips in the lagoons. In Bora Bora, people can find several ancient temples also. Austral Islands have ancient volcanoes and Paul Gauguin Museum in Tahiti is dedicated to the famous painter of France, Paul Gauguin where his paintings are exhibited.