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Marshall Islands are situated in the center of Pacific Ocean. This Micronesian country consists of five isolated islands and 29 atolls.  The first settlers of Marshall Island were Micronesians and they came in to the islands during BC 2nd millennium. In 1526, Alonso de Salazar, a Spanish explorer visited the islands. A trading company from Germany settled on Marshall Islands in the year 1885 and after some years, the islands became a part of German New Guinea. In 1920, Japan took the control of Marshall Islands from the Germans and unlike Germans; Japan had economic interests in Micronesian region.


The islands was occupied by the United States during World War II and Marshall Islands was joined US as the territory with other island groups of South Sea. The nation became self governing and official government was established in the year 1979. In 1986, Marshall Islands got independence from United States of America and the procedure of independence formally completed in 1990 and the trusteeship status of UN ended officially.  The government of Marshall Islands is Presidential parliamentary system. President is the head of the government and head of the state. Legislative power is vested on Nitijela, bicameral legislature.


Largest employer of the Marshall Islands is the government which employs 30.6% of work force. Economy of Marshall Islands is the combination of urban sector and subsistence sector. Subsistence sector include banana, breadfruit, pandanus and taro cultivation. Income of outer islands is provided by the production of handicrafts and copra. The modern sector which is service oriented is situated in Ebeye and Majuro. Modern sector include the banking, insurance, retail trade, wholesale trade, restaurants, construction, professional services and repair. The population of Marshall Islands is 62,000 and most of the islanders are Micronesian in origin and Asian origin. Marshallese is the official language of Marshall Islands and English is the common language spoken by the people. All the people are Christians.


Majuro is the capital of Marshall Islands and one of the major tourist spots located in Majuro is Laura beach and the beach is surrounded by beautiful landscape. Enoko Islands is an atoll where you can stay in the small cottages there. Bokolap Island is a great destination for scuba diving and can see several varieties of fish species. Another attraction of Bokolap Island is the diving site near the wreckage of US torpedo plane which was sunk in the deep at the time of World War II.


Kalalin Pass provides you with great diving experience with its wonderful formations of corals. RRE Mariculture is a Pearl Farm which cultures pearls and it is situated on Majuro Island. Jaluit is an island consists of wonderful scuba diving sites and the tourists can enjoy the underwater life. Maloelap is a place where you can find several historic sites and buildings. Snorkeling through several wreckages of World War II is possible in Maloelap and another activity here is the fishing. Biking Atoll is again a favorite attraction for wreck divers. Alele Museum that displays the history of people and traditions is also a popular attraction.