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Northern Mariana Islands are situated in Pacific Ocean which is included in the commonwealth of United States of America. Northern Marian Islands consist of fifteen islands, but over 90% of the residents are living on the Saipan Island. Among the other fourteen islands, only Rota and Tinian have some major population. Alamagan and Agrinan islands have less than ten residents and all the other islands are not populated. The capital of Northern Mariana Islands is Saipan. Spanish were the first Europeans arrived to the islands and they met the natives of the island, Chamorros. After Spanish-American War, Spain withdrew from the area and sold Marianas to Germany.


Later Japan occupied the islands during First World War and United States invaded Marianas at the end of Second World War. In 1970s, the people of these islands decided not to ask for independence. Northern Mariana Islands is a presidential democracy with multi-party system. Office of Insular Affairs of US Department of the Interior will take care of the federal funds to Northern Mariana Islands. Executive powers are vested on the Governor and legislative power is executed by the bicameral Commonwealth Legislature. Judicial system does not depend on legislative and executive powers.


The economy of the islands mainly depends on the development assistance and subsidies provided by the federal government of US. Tourism also plays a major role in the economy of the islands. The population of Northern Mariana Islands is 86,616 which consist largely of Asians (56.3%), 36.3% of Pacific Islanders, 1.8% of Caucasian, 4.8% are mixed and 0.8% of other ethnicity. The official languages of Northern Mariana Islands are Chamorro, English and Carolinian and other spoken languages are Tagalog and Chinese. At home about 86% of the islanders speak any other languages apart from English. Majority of the population consist of Christians.


Northern Mariana Islands can be enjoyed by the tourists as the islands are filled with exotic locales and tropical beauty.  Northern Mariana Islands provide you with a variety of marine and outdoor activities.  Tourists can enjoy diving, windsurfing, skydiving and boating. Saipan which is the capital of the islands is a popular destination of the tourists as it has many resorts, sandy beaches, verdant hills and blue lagoons. The islands are the home for coral reefs and great variety of marine species. Sport divers can enjoy good conditions and facilities in the islands.


Rota Island offers you with the spectacular natural beauty with its dense jungle, wildlife and long stretches of beaches which are undisturbed. Tinian Island is popular as it was the launching point of Hiroshima bombings. The island was also the military base of Japan. You can see endless numbers of war related things like memorials, cannons and artillery. Banadero Caves situated at Tinian Island are a famous among the tourists. Garapan is a town with karaoke clubs, sushi shops, white sandy beach and World War II Museum. Isleta Maigo Fahang or Bird Island is a beautiful scenic place with nature reserves and the tourist can visit the island in boats with glass bottoms. Mount Tapochau and Northern Marianas Island Museum of History and Culture are the other attractions.