Palau is located in Pacific Ocean and this island nation is one among the smallest and youngest sovereign states in the world. Palau is an archipelago which also called as 'The Black Islands'. Probably the migrants from Philippines settled in Palau about 3,000 or 4,500 years ago. It is supposed that modern people have come from Sunda Islands. In 18th century, British trader came in to the island followed by Spanish. The defeat of Spain in Spanish-American War, Palau and rest of Caroline Islands are sold to Germany. Japan took over the control of the island in 1914 and during Second World War, United States took the control in 1944.


In 1947, the island came under the trusteeship of UN and the country got independence from UN trust territory status in 1994.  Palau is a democratic republic headed by the President. President is both head of the government as well as the state. The executive is vested on the government whereas the legislative power is exercised by both Palau National Congress and government. Judicial system is independent on legislative and executive powers. Palau has a Compact of Free Association with United States and the country depends on US for defense.


The economy of Palau mainly depends on fishing, subsistence agriculture and tourism. The major employer is the government and the government depends mainly on US for financial assistance. The population of the country is 21,000 and among them, 70% of the people are native Palauans who are the mixed Malayan, Micronesian and Melanesian descendents. Several people have Asian ancestry also. Mixed ancestry of Japanese is the largest group and some people are from Korean or Chinese ancestry. Another largest group is the Filipinos. English and Palauan are the official languages of Palau. Japanese and Tagalog are the other languages spoken. Three-fourth of the people is Christians and other religions are Islam, Jewish and traditional Palauan.


Palau is a popular diving destination of the world and the major attractions of the country are underneath the ocean. You can find diversity and richness in underwater world with 1500 fish species, 700 coral species and 5 turtle species. Rock Islands is a natural attraction as it is a group of islets in the shape of mushroom. Rock Islands is a diving destination and the place is situated in a big lagoon which consists of great concentrations of fish, marine life and fishes.


Koros is a popular resort with swimming pools, great restaurant and sandy beaches. You can find hiking trails and remote waterfalls in the Babeldoab Island which is also a favorite place for adventurous people and nature lovers. Angaur is a tourist spot where you can find the remains of World War II naval battle and present day destination of surfing. Siaes Tunnel is an interesting place to visit where you can find the sponges and black corals. Siaes Tunnel is a huge hole found in reef rock with about 50 meter tunnel. Sonsorol islands and Peleliu are the other favorite tourist spots in Palau.