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Wallis and Futuna is a French territory situated in South Pacific Ocean. The capital of this island territory is Mata-Utu and it is the biggest city of the island. Wallis and Futuna consist of three major volcanic islands with numerous small islets. Wallis and Futuna Islands are divided mainly into two groups of islands such as Wallis Islands and the Futuna Islands. French were the Europeans first settled in these groups of islands, even though British and Dutch were the discoverers of the islands. The islands became the French protectorate in the year 1888 and the islands were under the influence of New Caledonia which was the French colony then.


The territory of Wallis and Futuna is separated into three conventional kingdoms such as Uvea, Sigave and Alo. As Wallis and Futuna is the French territory, it is under French constitution of 1958 and the French president will appoint a high administrator according to the advice from the French Ministry of Interior. President of France is the head of the state and the council of the territory has three kings as well as three members who are appointed by high administrator according to the advice of territorial assembly. One senator to French Senate as well as one deputy to French National Assembly is elected from the islands.


The economy of this French territory depends on subsistence agriculture and around 80% of the work force is earning their livelihood from agriculture.  The population of Wallis and Futuna is 15,289 and majority of the people is Polynesians. Descendents of Metropolitan French and native whites who are the descendents of French are the minorities. French is the official language and 97% of the people are speaking French. Around 60.2% of the people speak Wallisian at home and 29.9% of the people are speaking Futunan at home.


Wallis Islands have several tourist destinations such as Cathedral, King’s Palace, Kikila, Lanutavake Lakes and great scenic views. Gahi Bay is a place where Americans landed and Motus is a place where you can find great beaches. Futuna Islands consist of volcanoes and beautiful beaches. Mount Puke is the popular destination with beautiful vegetation on either side of the mountain. St. Pierre Chanel is a sanctuary worth visiting at Futuna and a visit to Alofi which is an uninhabited island is also enjoyable. You can also visit the archaeological sites, hiking around crater lakes and different churches.


Talietumu is the remains of Tongan settlement which is fortified can be seen on the Wallis Island. Lake Lalolalo is located in Wallis and it is the best among the crater lakes of Wallis in the shape of a circle. Mata-Utu Cathedral situated on Wallis Island is a Roman Catholic Cathedral made of cut coral blocks and it considered as the national monument of the French. Tonag Toto is the ancient ruins that can be found in Wallis Island. The villages of the Wallis and Futuna Islands such as Leava, Mala’e, Ono and Taoa are blessed with scenic views and tourists can enjoy the beauty of these villages.