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South America is one of the seven continents located largely in Western hemisphere and a small part in Northern hemisphere. South America is surrounded by the water bodies Caribbean Sea in the northwest, Pacific Ocean in the west and Atlantic Ocean in the east. A part of South America is bordered by North America in northwest. South America covers 3.5% of Earth’s surface becoming fourth in terms of area and in terms of population the continent is in fifth place. South America comprises of 19 countries that include Venezuela, Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, South Georgia, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Falkland Islands and Trinidad and Tobago.


South America is a continent of biodiversity as it is the home of unique species such as piranha, anaconda, vicuna, jaguar, llama and tapir. Tourism has become an important source of revenue for most of the countries in South America. Millions of travelers are coming to South America each year to see the natural wonders, architectural wonders, vibrant cities, beautiful landscapes, historical relics and variety of culture and food. South American countries possess a wide variety in music. Some of the popular music genres are Samba, bossa nova, tango, vallenato and cumbia.


Amazon River in South America is the one among the two longest rivers in the world. The highest waterfalls, Angel falls is in South America. Iquacu Falls in South America is taller than that of the Niagara Falls. The Andes is the mountain range of South America and biggest rainforest in the world is also in South America.  The most popular languages in South America are Portuguese and Spanish. Most of the nations made Spanish as the official language along with their native languages. Other languages spoken in South American countries are English, Dutch, Arabic, Hindi and French. Some of the indigenous languages are Quechua, Guarani, Aymara and Mapudungun.


Brazil is famous for its natural beauty and cultural diversity. Travelers are lured to Brazil because of its historical cities, bustling city centers, Iguassu waterfall and vibrant art. Skiing and snowboarding are the adventurous sports start in June and ends in October at the slopes of the Andes Mountains. Argentina is famous for its skiing spots in Lake Region and Patagonia. You can find the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls and fantastic beaches in Venezuela. Ecuador is famous for the wildlife in Galapagos Islands, rainforests, volcanic scenery, indigenous markets and luxury jungle lodges.


Peru is popular for the natural beauty, highland markets and towns, Inca ruins and rainforest lodges. Lake Titaca of Peru is must see tourist spot. You can stroll through Brownsberg Nature Park, Mt, Kasikasima and tropical rainforest in Suriname. Falkland Islands is popular for king penguins, chinstrap penguins and wildlife watching. You can enjoy the Kaieteur Falls, rainforest conservation, Rupununi Savanna, termite mounds and wildlife in Guyana. Colombia is famous for colonial architecture, stone statues, pre-Hispanic cities, rainforest and cosmopolitan metropolis in Bogota Hiking. You can enjoy the vast Atacama Desert, cosmopolitan life and skiing on the slopes of nigh Cordillera in Chile.

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