Argentina is located in South America and bordered by Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia. Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina which is an autonomous city. Argentina is eight in position among the largest countries of the world. The evidence on the presence of humans here is found in Patagonia during 11,000 BC. Spain established Viceroyalty of Peru in the year 1542 and declared independence from Spain in the year 1816. Argentina is divided in to four main regions such as fertile central plains, southern plateau which is oil-rich, subtropical northern flats and rugged Andes mountain range.


Argentina is federal democratic republic and both head of the government and head of the state is the President. Executive power is carried out by the President and Cabinet. Legislative power is vested on National Congress that consists of Chamber of Deputies and Senate. Judiciary system is independent from executive and legislative power. The population of Argentina is 36,260, 130 according to the census of 2001. In South America, Argentina is in third place in terms of population. Among the population, 86.4% are of European descent, 8% are Mestizos and 4% are of Asian or Arab origin.


Argentina ensures freedom of religion and 92.1% of Argentines are Christians, 3.1% are agnostic, 1.3% is Jewish and 0.9% is Buddhist. In Latin America, Argentina has the most Jewish population. The official language of Argentina is Spanish. Other spoken languages of the country are Aymara, Guarani, Welsh, English, Chinese, Korean, French and Brazilian Portuguese. Argentina has a high urbanized population because 50% of the population is living in ten metropolitan areas.  The economy of Argentina is market-oriented with numerous natural resources. Argentina is among the G-20 major economies and ranks 31st in the world in nominal GDP.


Tourism industry in Argentina is popular in other parts of the world because the country possesses enough of natural assets. Plenty of tourist destinations are there in Argentina and it is a land of wonderful cities such as Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza, San Juan, San Miguel de Tucuman and La Plata.  Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina is popularly known as the ‘Paris of South America’ and the city is the best destination for honeymooners. In Buenos Aires, you can visit the popular Iguazu Falls, explore the architecture of the city, taste the exceptional wines and enjoy tango dance. Patagonia is another tourist destination that consists of Andes Mountains, national parks, penguins and whales of Peninsula Valdes and glaciers of Tierra del Fuego and El Calafate.


Mar del Plata is another tourist destination with several attractions such as Sea Lions Reserve, Southern Beaches, Light house Beaches and Punta Mogotes. Moreno Glacier situated in Los Glaciares National Park is a popular attraction of the country. Learn about the culture and art of Argentina by visiting Colon Theatre. In the Colon theatre, you can find from rehearsal halls located underground to main area by walking inside the theatre. Chaco National Park is also worth visiting. Mendoza is a perfect place for nature lovers with amazing views of Andes Mountains and various options of sports.