Brazil is South America’s largest country and ranks fifth among the largest countries of the world both in terms of population and geographical area. In Americas, Brazil is the only nation that uses Portuguese as its language. The country is bordered by Suriname, French Guiana, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. Brazil is bordered by all the South American nations except from Chile and Ecuador. From 1500 to 1815, Brazil was colonized by Portugal. Brazil got independence from Portugal in the year 1822. Brazil is a Federal Republic as the formation of the nation is through the union of Federal District, 26 States and 5,564 Municipalities


Brazil has different types of ecosystems which consist of great biological diversity. There are five fundamental principles that set the Federation and the five principles are dignity, citizenship, sovereignty, political pluralism and freedom of enterprise. President is the head of the state as well as the government. According to the 2008 PNAD, the population of the country is 190 million. Predominant faith of the country is Roman Catholicism. Other religions are Buddhism, Afro-Brazilian, Islam, Protestantism, Judaism, Buddhism and Kardecist spiritism. Brazil’s official language is Portuguese. Other languages spoken in the country are Italian, German and there are 180 Amerindian spoken languages in rural areas.


Brazil is considered as the largest of the national economy that is found in Latin America. This country is famous for ranking 8th place in the world economy. Also it has the significant place in the top 10 when it comes to the purchasing power parity. While the country is famous through various players, football is most popular in Brazil. The team from this country has been ranked as the best in world according to FIFA world rankings. The world cup tournament for five times has been the most prestigious to the country from its players. 


Tourism industry is growing in the country making the industry as an important part of the nation. Among Americas’ largest tourist destinations, Brazil is ranked fourth. The most famous tourist destinations of Brazil are Amazon rainforest, dunes and beached of northeast, beaches at Santa Catarina and many more. Brazilian as well as the Argentine national parks is located on the shores of Iguassu Falls and Rivers. In the Amazon rainforest, you can find various mammals like Puma, White Capuchin, South American Coati, Little and Red Brocket Deer, Jaguar and White-eared Opossum. You can find the endangered Tego lizard and both the parks on the sides of rivers are excellent for bird watching also.


To visit the city of Rio de Janeiro, you have to visit the place during the Carnival which is known as the biggest show in the planet. The carnival will be filled with music, colors and other unforgettable items. Sao Paulo houses several historical and art museums. Iguacu Falls is one of the excellent tourist destinations of Brazil that attracts travelers from all over the world. Salvador da Bahia is the charming city which has rich cultural places. You can find beautiful mansions, churches and festivals in Salvador.