Chile is the beautiful country which is located in the South America, bordered by the Andes Mountains on the east end while Pacific Ocean covers the west. The coastline measures about 6,435 kilometers. It has the blend of the desert that blows hot winds along with the Mediterranean climate that is moderate. Something that cannot be missed is the rainy season that will be lovely in the south of the country. As the hot and rainy season both are not suitable for the crops to grow easily most of the people settle down in the center where you can find the moderate climate.


As with any country that has the wide history Chile has the believing stories of Native Americans have migrated to this place nearly some 1000 of decades earlier. After the Americans, it was the Europeans who made Chile as their home. Rather than the natural resources of the country like gold and silver the Spanish has found the great lands with potential power to cultivate is the main reason that it has never been freed from foreign rule. The conquest for land by various groups has resulted in lot of cultures that combined with that of Chile.


The warfare for the freedom started in 1808 and with the continuous direction of great leaders it finally took a shape in 1818 and was declared as independent republic on February 12th.  People now in the 21st century are following two time zones in Chile. Chile is basically divided into two parts, the Eater Island and mainland. Because of the distance between these two places mainland follows UTC -4 while in summer it follows UTC -3. Easter Island follows UTC-6 and in summer UTC-5. The economy of Chile is dynamic with the market oriented. It is characterized as foreign trade concentrated country.


The core strength of the country in attracting the visitors from all over the world is the long and the interestingly narrow coastal on south side. Variety of landscapes easily attracts the viewers just when they see the pictures from internet. The Atacama Desert has the minerals that are great wealth to the country. It is also rich in forests for those who want to have the adventurous activities. Easter Island and the Sala Island, Polynesia Island, these are all the best places that are worth visiting. The wild life in Chile makes the students have their research completed in the same country without the need for flying to some other countries.


It would be good to take children to the botanical zones that are present in the topographic and the climatic regions that are well suited for plants to grow. The valleys in the center of Chile with the species of cactus, Chilean pine, hard espinos and when you visit these islands, you will become spellbound because of the beauty of nature. The Biobío River, dense forests and beaches are all the various reasons for the visitors to decide to make this as their home land. You can find ski resorts like Valle Nevado, Termas de Chillan and Valle Nevado. Other major attractions are Isla Mocha, Nahuelbuta National Park, Patagonia and Chiloe Archipelago.