Paraguay is located in South America and bordered by Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. Asuncion is the largest city as well as the capital of Paraguay. Paraguay was the colony of Spain and got independence in 1811 from Spain. Paraguay is divided in to Eastern Paraguay and Western Paraguay. The history of Paraguay is filled with political instability, internal fights and disturbing wars with the neighbors. Paraguay is a democratic republic consists of multi-party system. Executive power is vested up on the President who is the head of the state as well as head of the government. Legislative power is exercised by two chamber of National Congress. Judiciary system is independent of executive and legislative powers.


Population of the country is more than 6 million and of them, 74.5% are Mestizos. Other ethnicities are 20% of Whites, 3.5% of Mulatos and Indigenous population of 1.5%. The official languages of Paraguay are Guarani and Spanish. Majority of the population is Roman Catholic which comes about 89.6%. Other religions included are 6.2%of evangelical Christian, 1.1% of other Christians and 0.6% of indigenous religions. About 30-50% of people are poor.


The economy of Paraguay largely depends on market economy which has been differentiated by the informal sector that features re-export of consumer goods that are imported and microenterprises. Natural resources of Paraguay are manganese, limestone, iron ore, timber and hydropower. Agricultural products are cotton, soybeans, pork, beef, sugarcane, cereals, vegetables, fruits and cassava. Tourism is also a flourishing industry of Paraguay. Paraguay is becoming the dream destination of several tourists. Paraguay is blessed with natural wonders, man-made monuments, historical sites and magnificent architectures. Paraguay provides you with long and relaxing holiday with its mesmerizing sceneries. Several sanctuaries and parks offer the tourists to enjoy lots of fauna and flora and rivers of Paraguay offers yachting.


Iguassu Falls in Paraguay is declared as the World Heritage site by UNESCO which provides an excellent opportunity to view water falls of 1500 cubic meters/sec. Casa de la Independencia is a grand house that attracts the tourists with the excellent architecture. Panteon Nacional de los Heroes gives the tourists deep knowledge on the society and culture of the Paraguay. Hydroelectric plant of Paraguay is a must see man made attraction which will give you a memorable experience. Asuncion, capital city of Paraguay is located on Bay of Asuncion which has numerous plazas and parks. In Asuncion, you can find a small zoo, golf-course, botanical gardens, natural history museum, Iguassu falls and Salto Crystal falls.


Teniente Agripino National Park is promoting ecotourism for the last twenty years and the park is visited by nature lovers every year. Caacupe is the home of Roman Catholic Diocese and it is the site for pilgrimage during the time of festivals. Caacupe also feature green parks and beautiful cathedrals. Museo Etnografico Andres Barbero is archaeological and anthropological museum that exhibits ceramics, fine photographs, local devices and weavings. Museo del Barro is a museum that exhibits with pre-Columbian to latest paintings and political cartoons to local crafts. Museo de Historia Natural exhibits insects of which one insect is having the wingspan of 274mm. Enjoy the travel to Paraguay by visiting these tourist spots.