Suriname is located in South America and the capital of the country is Paramaribo. The country is parted into two major geographic regions, namely, lowland coastal region and the tropical rainforest regions. The two major mountain ranges of the country are the Van Asch Van Wijck Mountains and Bakhuys Mountains. Highest mountain of the country is Julianatop. Suriname is bordered by Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana and Atlantic coast. Suriname was first inhabited by Native Americans dating back to 3000 BC and Suriname now has many different indigenous cultures. Arawaks were the first settlers of the country and then Caribs came to the country.


Suriname was the colony of Dutch and the country gained full independence in the year 1975. Suriname is a constitutional democratic republic represented by the President. President is the head of the government as well as the multi-party system. Executive power is vested up on the government and legislative power is exercised by the government as well as the National Assembly. Judiciary system of Suriname is independent from both executive and legislative powers of the country. The economy of the country mainly depends on the bauxite industry which provides over 15% GDP and 70% through export earnings. Other products are bananas, shrimp and rice.


The population of Suriname is 494,347 which consist of various ethnic groups. About 27% of the population is Hindoestanen who are the descendants of workers from India, 18% are Surinamese Creoles, 15% of Javanese, 15% of Surnamese Maroons, 1.8% of Chinese and remaining consist of Boeros, Jews, Lebanese and Brazilian. Christianity is the dominant religion of Suriname and other religions consist of Islam and Hindus. Suriname is one among the most multilingual country of the world. The official language of Suriname is Dutch and other languages spoken are Sranan Tongo, Surinamese Hindi or Sarnami, Javanese, Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, English and Maroon languages.


Suriname is blessed with the biodiversity and the people there are protecting them to transform Suriname into eco-reserve. The two major reserves of Suriname are Raleighvallen Nature Reserve and Central Suriname Nature Reserve. To enjoy the beauty of nature, you can also visit Galibi Nature Reserve and Browsberg Park. Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname is a popular tourist destination. The capital is famous for its Spanish, French and Dutch colonial architecture. The Fort Zeelandia that consists of Surinam Museum is located nearby. You can also find tourist spots such as 17th century synagogue, Presidential Palace, lively water front, market districts and Independence Square.


Another famous destination is the White beach situated half an hour drive from Paramaribo. This is a man-made beach created on Suriname River. Suriname Spectacular Bridge is an architectural wonder across Suriname River. You can see the giant sea turtles and endangered species like harpy eagle, giant otter, manatee and cock of the rock at Galibi beach reserves and Matapica. Countryside is not much populated which will provide you with natural beauty, tropical vegetation and wildlife. Enjoy Amazonian rainforest, mountains, snakes, tapirs, tropical birds and jaguars in Suriname.