Uruguay is located in South America and the capital of Uruguay is Montevideo. Uruguay has a land border only with Brazil. Uruguay is bordered by Uruguay River, estuary of Rio de la Plata and Atlantic Ocean. Uruguay is second among the smallest nations in South America. The first settlers of Uruguay were the Charrua and then the Spanish colonized Uruguay in 16th century and Uruguay defeated Spanish authorities in an independence struggle in the year 1814. Uruguay was occupied by Brazil in 1820 and gained independence from Brazil in the year 1825.


The landscape of Uruguay features low hill ranges, rolling plains and the fertile coastal lowland. The highest point of the country is Cerro Catedral. Uruguay is a presidential democratic republic in which President is the head of the state as well as the government. Executive power of the country is exercised by the President and the legislative power is on General Assembly of Uruguay which consists of two chambers. The Judiciary system is independent from legislative and executive power. Economy of the country mainly depends on trade especially agricultural exports. Tourism industry is also developing slowly in Uruguay.


The population of Uruguay is 3,494,382 according to July 2009 estimate. Uruguay is a multi-ethnic country coming from various ethnical backgrounds. Majority of the Uruguayans are the descendants of immigrants and colonial settlers came from Europe and these European descendants constitute 88% of population. Spaniards constitute mainly of European immigrants followed by Italians, Portuguese, British, Germans, French and Irish and so on. The largest city and capital of Uruguay, Montevideo consists of one and half million people. Catholicism is the major religion and other religions are protestants and Jewish. Uruguayan Spanish is the language spoken in the country along with Voseo, yeismo, English, French, Italian, Portunol and Portuguese languages.


There is innumerable number of tourist destinations in Uruguay with large number of sightseeing spots. Uruguay is famous for sandy beaches, greenery, old monuments and other such tourist spots. Punta del Diablo is a busy city of Uruguay with empty beach coastal lines where you can enjoy surfing and fishing. Punta del Este is a resort with beaches with luxurious restaurants and hotels. Isla de Gorriti is also a place with beaches and eighteenth century fortresses. Montevideo which is capital of Uruguay can be enjoyed with its festivities and pristine beaches. In Colonia del Sacramento, you can enjoy the vibrant history of the country, cobbled streets and natural beauty of the place.


Feria de Tristan Narvaja is a place situated in Montevideo where you can find astesanias, records, antiques and many more. From this market you can also buy fruits, vegetables, fish, secondhand books and pets. Museo Romantico is an 18th century museum that has a collection of antique furniture and paintings. Museo Torres Garcia is an interesting museum with some of the exhibits of the Torres Garcia who is the painter of the nation. Paysandu, Fray Bentos and Salto are the cities located along the Uruguay River and these cities are famous for their river boating and fishing activities.