About Saadiyat Island

What is your dreamed island? Should it be isolated or is of world class cultural destination? If you prefer the second option, then the Saadiyat Island is meant for you. Be part of the Island of Happiness, the Saadiyat Island. However, try to ponder how an island, a distant one from the capital of Abu Dhabi like Saadiyat Island has able to create a well-civilized city.

From the Coast of Abu Dhabi Island, almost 500 meters off, lies the Saadiyat Island. The island is under construction. In 2018 the construction of Saadiyat Island will be completed. Who knows the speculation of the government officials would become real and turn Saadiyat Island as the cultural center of Abu Dhabi? Right now, many construction and architectural plans are being studied that shall make Saadiyat Island famous for its strange advancement and its being the center of cultures.

Up to the present time, the Saadiyat Island is in its development process. There is no way to stop the government and people of the Saadiyat Island from its plans. The people behind the construction project aim to enrich the Abu Dhabi by creating it as an up-scale cultural district in the Saadiyat Island. The transformational aim to Saadiyat Island is totally possible and achievable in more or less a decade.

Eventually, Saadiyat Island will house around 150,000 residents. The population size of Saadiyat Island might escalate further. In fact, the interested tourists have been mushrooming in the airports for flight toward Abu Dhabi. One of their destinations mostly is the Saadiyat Island. Who would wish to miss Saadiyat Island’s breathtaking exquisite sights? The created two ten-lane causeways will connect the Saadiyat Island to Abu Dhabi. Hence, the said island is accessible.

Imagine an island with world-class performing arts? Or a Saadiyat Island with a concert hall? Where can you find that kind of advancement? An island is perceived to be inaccessible; yet the Saadiyat Island did make the impossible into real ones. The coined name, Saadiyat Island means “Island of Happiness.” Saadiyat Island is trying to live up on the meaning of its title. Saadiyat Island is never an island of isolation; instead, your connection with other people can be further enriched by the island’s multi-cultural aspects and profound features.

A number of museums and performing arts centers are being erected in the Saadiyat Island that are aimed to cater to the cultural enrichment of the emirate.

The Saadiyat Island offers a callous landscape. It can only be reached through the channel. Looking at the Saadiyat Island, you will deeply appreciate how a landscape like that of the said island has been created that extraordinarily emphasized a striking image of the dryness of the earth contrary to the fluidity of the waters. How on Earth can an island like that of Saadiyat Island have such kind of advanced civilization? Such island is plunged deep into the water; consequently, an unknown city is sunk under the water. When the season comes that the island emerges that is the only time, the real busy activities in the Saadiyat Island becomes possible.

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