Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

UAE Desert Challenge, now called as the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge is one of the most prominent cross-country rallies not only of the Middle East but all around the world. UAE Desert Challenge is a combination of motor and car cross-country rallies followed by some entertaining shows. Abu Dhabi traditionally holds this show.

Dubai, a mainly deserted land is an ideal place for some types of cross-country rallies, as the desert ground is a challenge in itself, making these competitions extremely exciting. Rallies, dune bashings and other types of car and motor races have been held in Dubai for some time, as the modern follower of the camel or horse races.

Dubai, was starting to come up in tourism already when the area caught the attention of several international rally organizations too, which then decided to get Dubai as the finishing round for their international cross-country rally tournaments. Cross-rally tournaments conducted on motorbike, four wheels and trucks, also by quad-bikes.

The idea to make an international cross-country competition was from Mohammed Ben Sulayem who won the Middle East Rally 14 times! The Automobile and Touring Club of the United Arab Emirates organizes and controls the former UAE Desert Challenge. Only its initials often mention the company as ATCUAE. The ATCUAE has total authority in all car related subject. As ATCUAE governs all car and motor racing events in the area, you can imagine how busy their daily schedule is, concerning the fact that there are around hundred and fifty events held, including motor, cart, bicycle and car races, yearly in the area of United Arab Emirates. Dubai and the whole Emirates currently holds more cross-country rally races such as the Dubai International Rally being the opening chapter of the FIA Middle East Rally Championship.

The former UAE Desert Challenge, now Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge is a cross-country rally going through and around the area of the emirate of Abu Dhabi on specific rally routes. UAE Desert Challenge got its new name as the whole tour has been enlarged to cover the total area of Abu Dhabi emirate and because the organizers have decided to implement motorbikes too among the participating vehicles. The UAE Desert Challenge contains not only race but also several entertaining shows and other programs. When UAE Desert Challenge started, it went through more emirates regarding its routing. However, today, it is held solely in the deserted areas of Abu Dhabi, such as the Liwa and the Empty Quarter Deserts. The length of the tournament is 5 days.

The UAE Desert Challenge is far from being as dangerous as its older brother the Paris-Dakar is, but still there are many rules you should comply with, in order to run on this rally.

UAE Desert Challenge is not an alone-standing event though; it is the opening chapter of two international cross-country championships: the FIA Cross County Rally World Cup and the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship. The UAE Desert Challenge is also great to promote Abu Dhabi’s touristic treasures in order to make this emirate a lot more attractive touristically. The former UAE Desert Challenge is held ever April, in the first week of the month.

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