Al Falah Plaza

It seems no matter where we go in the world, or how much money we actually have to spend, no one among the human race is immune from the lull of a bargain. There is something so potent about finding an item for cheaper than it should be; and sometimes, the idea of a bargain is even enough to make us buy things we don’t really need.

When on holiday, the bargain hunting doesn’t stop; even if the exchange rate is in our favour. The Middle East, and in particular the United Arab Emirates, has an increasing reputation as a playground of the rich and famous – but like all good destinations, it also provides for those who don’t have money to throw away. In fact, some areas of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the like are designed specifically with those on a low budget or those that can’t resist a bargain; and there is no better example of this than Al Falah Plaza.

Al Falah Plaza is marketed as a hypermarket, essentially bringing together a range of low cost items under one room. It is the less expensive equivalent to the United Arab Emirates mall scene, the usual likes of which tend to specialise in high end and designer clothes also lingerie purchases. The prices of some of the offerings at these typical malls would often be enough to purchase most people’s next holiday to the United Arab Emirates; so the need for a place with more realistic prices was always necessary. This is where Al Falah Plaza excels itself.

Like most of the typical malls of the United Arab Emirates, Al Palah Plaza is designed to be as much a day out as a shopping retail experience. As well as numerous stores offering everything from clothes to gadget, there are also several restaurants, bars and eating areas to fill the stomachs of the avid bargain hunter. While these may not be of the same ilk as the eateries found in some Abu Dhabi malls, they are nevertheless a fun and cheap way to break up a shopping marathon with some sit down time. Many of the restaurants focus around well priced, recognisable food such as pizzas or other types of fast food, while some are dedicated to more culturally significant foods like traditional Arabian cuisine. Refreshingly, though, these are priced within most people’s budget for a single meal – and not most people’s budget range for a week, as is required at some places in the Middle Eastern regions.

Al Falah Plaza is actually located in Sharjah, the third largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates (behind Abu Dhabi, the largest, and Dubai which comes in second). However, the size of the United Arab Emirates means that Sharjah is still reachable from most of the major destinations of the Emirates themselves. Shuttle buses do run to Al Falah Plaza there; simply consult the nearest tourist office or your hotel reception for guidance.

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